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Renowned highlife artiste now Evangelist Papa Shee has condemned people who undergo plastic surgery, particularly women, claiming they won’t make it to heaven.

Papa Shee, who was in the studios of Neat FM on Wednesday, stated emphatically that any person who changes the shape or colour of his/her body will end up in hell because they don’t appreciate the creation of God.

He told host Kwame Adjetia on “Entertainment Ghana” on Neat FM that the devil is very crafty and therefore whispers into the ears of people to go for plastic surgery because their bodies have deformed.

According to him, the evil spirit that leads people to alter their body is called the “spirit of Jezebel”.

“The enemy is very crafty anyways. The old serpent is very crafty . . . We have a spirit called spirit of Jezebel. That woman had a demonic spirit. It doesn’t make you appreciate what you have,” he said.

Papa Shee noted that those who go to doctors to make adjustments to gain curvy body shape suffer from inferiority complex.

He also spoke against women who apply make-up or cosmetics to their face to appear prettier asserting that they are all against God and will face the judgment of God.

To him, they were made in the image and likeness of God and so wondered why any person would want to do plastic surgery of any kind.

Papa Shee advised people to appreciate themselves saying “when you have a self-confidence that God dwells in you and you are the image of God, you don’t concern yourself with people’s perceptions. If you don’t take care, people will push you for you to do something . . . Don’t listen to people. Listen to God. God delights in us in heaven, so don’t allow anybody to push you”.

Source: Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi/Peacefmonline.com/Ghana



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