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Founder and leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigel Gaisie has predictably popped up to ‘claim ownership’ of the prevailing crises prevailing in Ukraine after Russia launched in the country.

According to him, he prophesied the latest development between the two nations when he was led by the spirit during one of his prophecies in the past.

After breaking his silence on the foregoing, one of his loyal followers emerged to say he’s happy he has revealed his prophetic perspective about the war between the two nations saying;

“I have been waiting to hear from you about this Ukraine Russia saga and finally you have spoken” one Fosty Afizie posted in the comment section.

The controversial Ghanaian prophetic then replied, ‘I was inspired to say it in one of my ministrations…LET THE WORLD PRAY, I SAW LOTS OF HARM…PNG”.

Earlier, the prophet had posted a cryptic message suggesting the possibility of the conflict being witnessed in Russia-Ukraine. He warned that the situation will escalate further.

He posted;

“I saw a world leader saying BYE BYE TO THE WORLD…..1. I saw a lot of smoke in Europe, I saw a lot of factories going down. The Lord took my spirit to a known place in U.K and I didn’t see it in its original form. I am seeing a lot of harm, let the world act quick…2.

“I saw a lot of Strikes in Umuafia…3. I saw a substantive minister saying BYE BYE TO UMUAFIA..3. Let the people’s assembly pray, let them pray,” Nigel Gaisie posted on his Facebook page.

Source: Ghbase.com

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