UK-based Ghanaian Afro gospel musician Joseph Matthew has debunked the Christian doctrine that tithing is compulsory. He adds that the practice is not of God and does not hold any benefits for those who pay tithe.

Joseph Matthew, who says he is not a Christian but worships God, has scrutinized another practice of the religious sect. He disclosed that he does not pay tithe because the practice is not a commandment from God.

“But I don’t pay my tithe every month because it’s not that kind of work that is going to bring you the blessing you need in life. If anything and you want to give your money to God, do it for a friend in need. That is what the scripture says. Jesus Christ says, because you didn’t do it for a friend, you haven’t done it for me. He never said that in relation to your tithe.”

According to Joseph Matthew, tithing was Abraham’s personal decision to show gratitude for his blessings. “Tithe has its specifics. Abraham started it. He felt he needed to give 10% of his spoils from going to raid a city to a king. It was not a commandment from God. It was just Abraham thinking, I need to do this because of what God has done for me. So I will give 10%. And then his generation started to do it, and it’s become a thing now,” he told HitzFM.

Joseph Matthew said, “Christians say you have to pay your tithe for blessing and all that… it’s okay if the person is willing. What pleases God is you giving from your heart willingly without regret and being able to help a friend in need. That’s where your blessings are going to come from, not from the tithe.”

Source: Grace Somuah-Annan ||Ghana


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