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It feels good to know I am not the only one who feels women are my greatest weakness but for me, fair and beautiful women just weak me.

When my eyes set gaze on a fair and beautiful woman, I could just empty my bank account for the person—Dude, I’m kidding…lol.

Okay, so umm the leader and pastor of True Prophetic Ministries, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has confessed in an interview with Blakk Rasta on Zylofon Fm, that, his greatest weakness as a man is women.

According to Prophet Nigel Gaisie, he always gets tempted by women all the time but he tries his very best to always resist their temptations.

“My greatest weakness is women. they make advances at me all the time but, I try to remain focused.”

However, Prophet Nigel Gaisie says he’s fallen for these temptations several times although he has a child and is married.

“I am hooked with a child but I have fallen for these temptations several times,”

The man of God added that each time he’s tempted, he knows it could mar his reputation and his future and the mission he’s on as a Prophet so tries his very best to avoid them but its not always that easy although he’s a man of God.

He said the anointing of God strengthens him to conquer these many temptations.


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