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Jamie Grace Reveals a White Pastor Once Said ‘If I Had Known She Was Black, I Would Not Have Brought Her Here’ as She Calls Out Racism in the Church

Popular Christian singer and YouTube star Jamie Grace has been very vocal about her various encounters with racism while Americans across the nation protest racial injustice. Most recently, she shared her experiences of racism in the church.

Christian Singer Jamie Grace Welcomes Daughter Isabella Brave Harper

Grammy-nominated singer Jamie Grace and her husband Aaron Collins revealed they were expecting baby (Isabella Brave Harper) No. 1 six months after their wedding.

Jamie Grace Overcame ‘Insane Depression,’ Internal Chaos

Christian singer Jamie Grace is known for her stunning vocals and upbeat personality, with the 27-year-old performer routinely uplifting her peers with inspirational YouTube videos and chart-topping hits.

Jamie Grace Announces Baby on the Way – With a Twist

Award-winning Christian singer Jamie Grace announced on her YouTube channel Thursday that she is having a baby – but she’s not the only one. So is her sister Morgan Harper Nichols!