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Daystar Will Broadcast “Roar From Zion: Paul Wilbur Live In Jerusalem”

Daystar Will Broadcast Paul Wilbur’s New DVD “Roar From Zion: Paul Wilbur Live In Jerusalem” : Preeminent messianic worship leader and Dove Award nominee, Paul Wilbur, who has sold over three million albums globally, released his bestselling,14-track album and companion DVD, Roar From Zion,

Don’t Believe Dangerous Theologies about Jews – Paul Wilbur Warns

Well-known Messianic worship leader Paul Wilbur has spent his life singing worship songs that have led both Christians and Jews to a knowledge of the loving Savior and now he’s sharing advice for believers concerning dangerous theologies about the Jewish people.

Paul Wilbur (Roar From Zion) Becomes Immediate Bestseller

Cross-Cultural, Multi-Lingual Paul Wilbur Recorded Album In Jerusalem During Israel’s 70th Anniversary Album Launch Event June 7 In Jacksonville, FL To Be Live-Streamed Recording Marks Wilbur’s Venture3Media Debut.