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Multifaceted is the word that best describes Ghanaian Denmark based gospel artiste Derek Jerome. A musician, teacher, writer and kingdom builder. An engineer by profession, Derek is a man with a purpose to equip the kingdom of God through every available means. Be it writing or producing songs, teaching the word or developing kingdom leaders at workshops or speaking engagements, his sole purpose is to advance the kingdom.

Ghanaian Gospel Artiste Derek Jerome Debuts his Single ”TRUST YOU”

After days of anticipation, Derek Jerome is out with his debut single ‘’Trust you”. The song emphasizes Gods love and faithfulness as the object of our trust.

In an interview with Derek Jerome, He said ‘’The object of our Trust is in God’s word. His word is undeniable and ever faithful. Thus regardless of who you are or what you are going through, don’t be anxious for nothing. In Him we move, live and have our being.

‘’Trust You’’ is my new single. It emphasizes Gods love and faithfulness as the object of our Trust. Trust must have an object just like faith must have an object’’.

Drawing his inspiration from the scripture Philippians 4:6-8, Derek Jerome believes that certain things we wish for our lives do not come to fulfillment because we have not tapped into Gods plan.

Born in Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana, Derek Jerome is multifaceted person who has played vital roles as a teacher, musician, writer and kingdom builder. Derek is an engineer by profession with a purpose of equipping the kingdom of God through every available means. Derek Jerome is a member of the International city Baptist church in Copenhagen Denmark. He serves as the music president and consults as a leadership and optimization consultant.

Derek Jerome has produced and executive produced songs for Minister Kathy (Denmark), Enuonyam (Ghana) and Ruthie Boat(Ghana) as well as working for some American names. Although Derek Jerome has always been involved in ministry through the church, He made up his mind to fully pursue his calling in his late 20s.

Derek Jerome is out with his debut single ‘’Trust You” which is now available on all digital music platforms.

Trust You is my debut single but I’ve produced or executive produced Minister Kathy(Denmark) Enuonyam(Ghana) and Ruthie Boat(Ghana) working with some American names that will come to light in the future. So for now enjoy Trust You which releases 3rd September 2019 on all digital platforms

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