Singer-Songwriter JessiEmma Releases Debut Single ‘Amazing Grace’

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In a world where Christian music is often seen as predictable and formulaic, JessiEmma is the exception. Her unique ability to fuse her personal experiences with her deep faith in God makes her music relatable, and it will resonate with listeners of all backgrounds.

JessiEmma is a young passionate minister seeking to stir up the hearts of listeners. As a singer-songwriter, she has been ministering into the lives of many with an overflow of testimonies from a tender age. JessiEmma shows a deep understanding of the connection between music and faith. Coming from a family of worshippers that live to usher people into the presence of God, she draws a lot from her parents especially her father who is the worship pastor in their local church.

At the core of her music is a true worshiper that wants to always touch the heart of her Maker. A multifaceted – minister unique in her own right, she aims to share her powerful story and journey of the grace, mercy and the goodness of God. JessiEmma encourages listeners to reflect on their relationship with God and to experience his love at every stage of their journey.

JessiEmma is on a quest to know, understand and please God. She does so by composing and singing her heart out to her Maker using it as an evangelical tool to reach her generation and beyond.

Her debut single ‘Amazing Grace’ released on Friday 24th February is not just a song, it’s a story that needs to be shared. With her dynamic vocals and powerful chorus, creates a sound that is truly an introspective-inducing listening experience. A sound that will have you encouraged and uplifted from the first listen.

Be a part of her journey and share her story and music with your audience. Experience the love and grace of God through her music, and be inspired to strengthen your own relationship with Him.

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