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Early Life of Dag Heward Mills

Born on 14th May 1963 to a Ghanaian father and Swiss mother, that is Nathaniel and Elizabeth Heward Mills, Dag Heward Mills is a powerful minister of this generation.

Dag Heward Mills


Dag Heward Mills children are his greatest gift. With their mother Adelaide, Dag’s family forms his number one fans. With four children and one supportive wife, the minister of God, Dag Heward Mills has all he needs to keep preaching the gospel, converting nations.

Dag Heward Mills


Personal life

A conference speaker, an author, and a preacher, Dag is a medical doctor by profession. After studying secondary school in Achimota School, he joined the University of Ghana medical school where he later qualified as a medical doctor. It’s while studying here that he met the love of his life, Adelaide. Dag Heward Mills wife was a law student in the same university.


Bishop Dag and Lady Rev Adelaide

Photo: Bishop Dag and Lady Rev Adelaide

Bishop Dag and Lady Rev Adelaide

Photo: Bishop Dag and Lady Rev Adelaide


After courting for a few years they finally got wedded in holy matrimony in 1990 and the rest was history, a history of 20 solid years in marriage and four kids. It’s a beautiful thing that Dag Heward Mills and family stuck together in mission even when they had good education and qualifications for the secular world. Dag Heward Mills and wife are blessed to have brought up four kids; David Mills, Joshua Mills, Daniella Mills and Paula Mills, in that order. It’s a well set family, with two boys and two girls.


Joshua Mills


In addition to raising this family, Lady Reverend Adelaide Heward Mills is an anointed minister of God who left the law career to serve besides her husband, all their marriage years. While Bishop Dag handles reaching out to spread the gospel of Christ and grow his denomination worldwide, Lady Reverend Adelaide goes with him speaking in conferences on issues concerning women and young people, both from a mother’s and minister’s point of view.

Dag Heward mills family being his strongest support system, has helped him achieve a lot in his ministry. Read on and find out most of the biggest achievements in The Most Reverend Dag Heward’s mission that he was only able to achieve because the people in his life supported his course.


Lady Reverend Mrs. Adelaide Heward-Mills

When mentioning family, a wife has to start right after the father. Biblically, this is the neck in the hierarchy of the family. Lady Reverend Adelaide is Dag Heward’s university sweetheart. She has a background in law as they met while she was at Law school at The Ghana University. As much as she decided to assist her husband by going into full time ministry, her career didn’t go into waste. A very eloquent speaker, Adeleine borrows a lot from her law school in her presentations during women and youth conferences, a department of Lighthouse Chapel International ministries that she heads.

Lady Rev Mrs Adelaide Heward Mills

Photo: Lady Rev Mrs Adelaide Heward Mills


By the virtue of being a mother and a woman, she handles all matters concerning these two, making her the person directly in charge of the welfare of her church members and also other places that they extend outreach. Dag Heward mills and wife are happy parents to four children.

Lady Rev Mrs Adelaide Heward Mills 2

Photo: Lady Rev Mrs Adelaide Heward Mills 2


Dag Heward Mills children – Who they have grown up to be It is not easy being brought up in a socially and morally upright family as you have a huge space to fill in your growing up. People have great expectations and the idea of letting your parents down after all the work can on its own give you chills. Fortunately, Dag Heward Mills and wife are happy parents. Their children have grown up in the ways of God. For the believers of the Bible, there is a verse that says, “Train a child in the ways they should go and even when they grow they shall not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6 New King James Version.) Dag Heward Mills’ children haven’t departed from the old ways.

David Mills: Dag Heward Mills’ son David Mills is the first born in this family of four siblings. It is not clear exactly what he chose to engage in after school, but there has been no scandals on David Mills.


Joshua Mills: Dag Heward’s second born son Joshua is a pastor, like his father.

Joshua Mills

Photo: Joshua Mills and Wife

Joshua Mills and Wife

Photo: Joshua Mills and Wife


Recently, Dag was honored to witness his son get married to the love of his life Dr. Priscilla, daughter of an unnamed chief from Mampong. Dag Heward mills son wedding was a lavish event held at Lighthouse Chapel International was attended by respected people, showing how well respected Bishop Dag is in Ghana. In attendance was Vice president Mahamudu Bawumia and former president Jerry John Rawlings. Dag could not hide his joy on witnessing his son get lawfully wedded. He said, “I thank God for keeping me alive to see this day when my son gets married.” It’s expected to be happy when you attend your son’s holy matrimony union not just as a preacher but merely as a parent.


Dag Heward Mills and President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Photo: Dag Heward Mills and President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo


Daniella Mills, the first of the girls but third born in the family. Daniella contributes to the ministry through singing. She has a beautiful melodious voice. Paula Mills The last of the four siblings is the baby of Dag Heward Mills’ home.



As previously said, Dag is so many things. A medical doctor, an author, a conference speaker and a preacher. Now based in Accra, Ghana, Dag is the founder of Light house Chapel international. This denomination has a million followers worldwide and from the look of things, more people are joining. Ordained officially into the ministry in 1990 and confirmed as a bishop in 1996, Dag’s ministerial journey started long ago in a small classroom while at the university. He says he got called to minister and lead people to Christ and responded to it.

From just a handful of people, attendance to his sessions steadily grew and they kept moving to larger halls, each time a hall larger than the previous. In 1994 after getting fully into mission work, he built a 3000 capacity hall. Quite big, you would think. However, the congregation kept growing and soon this hall wasn’t enough. In 2006, Reverend Dag built the Qodesh, one of the largest churches in Africa. Although ordained by the international Ministerial Council of Great Britain in London, he grew his ministry to over 2000 churches and is still reaching out.


Here are the different faces of Dag Heward Mills: 

1. A father: The dag heward mills children enjoy a fatherly figure that is also a friend, an advisor, a spiritual leader and a friend. That he ministers in the First Love Church where he handles youth, is an evidence that Bishop Dag Heward Mills is very good with young people. David Mills, Joshua Mills, Daniella Mills and Paula Mills must be very happy children.

2. A husband: Having been married to his campus sweetheart for 20 years and together risen four children successfully, Dag Heward Mills should be someone that is livable with. For dag heward mills wife Adeleine to let go of her career to help his husband in ministry, he should be worth it.

3. Dag Heward Mills the author: Bishop Dag Heward is among the most popular and best-selling Christian authors in the world. With over 40 publications, Dag speaks to the people about Christian living and success in the evangelism mission. His books are usually written in an easy to read format, characterized by plenty of scriptures to refer to. The book tittle “Loyalty and Disloyalty” is his most popular writing so far, even winning the Grand Award that is organized by the Ghana Christian Book Awards body.


Dag Heward Mills Books

Photo: Dag Heward Mills Books



In the conventions and conferences department, Bishop Dag Heward Mills holds an annual International conference every year under the Lighthouse Chapel International Ministries called “Give Thyself Wholly – Work of the Ministry”. It is the same convention that was previously dubbed “Iron Sharpneth Iron Conferences”, just so the people that previously knew of these conventions don’t get confused. These conventions are usually focused on rising fresh hopes among the faithful and bring higher levels of ministry.


Dag Heward Mills


Dr. Reverend Dag Heward Mills is a force to reckon with as far as the ministry of gospel is concerned. Dag Heward mills children have lived up to the expectations of the society as pastor’s kids, joining their father and mother in leading by example as to what a model Christian family should look like. From the look of things, The Lighthouse Chapel International is a ministry to watch out for as it keeps growing by the day under his wise leadership.


Dag Heward Mills and Benny Hinn

Photo: Dag Heward Mills and Benny Hinn


Few Facts about the ministry of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills:

  • Qualified as a medical doctor in 1989 from the University of Ghana Medical School.
  • Ordained into the ministry in 1990 at the Victory Church, London.
  • Consecrated as a Bishop in 1996, by the International Ministerial Council of Great Britain.
  • Founded the Lighthouse Chapel International in 1988.
  • Lighthouse Chapel International now has over 3122 churches.
  • Lighthouse Chapel International churches are in 86 countries worldwide.
  • Has trained more than 2390 pastors worldwide.
  • Has trained over 900 minister shepherds worldwide.
  • Has sent 457 missionaries worldwide.
  • Has built over 550 church buildings worldwide.
  • Has authored over 72 bestselling English books.
  • Has over 20 million books in print – Books have been translated into 43 different languages : English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Amharic and Korean.
  • Established the Lighthouse Christian Mission Schools in 1995.
  • Established the Anagkazo Bible and Ministry Training Centre in 1997.
  • Established the Healing Jesus Campaign in 2004 and has had 168 campaigns and won a total of 11,505,464 souls.
  • Established the “Work of Ministry” Conference in 2004.
  • Established the Lighthouse Mission Hospital in 2006.
  • Established the Healing Jesus Medical Missions in 2006.
  • Established the Lighthouse Christian Orphanage 2006.
  • Established the Help the Helpless Charity in 2007.
  • Founded the National Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches (NACCC), Ghana in 1999
    Serves on the board of Directors of Church Growth International.
  • Serves on the board of Directors of the Pentecostal World Fellowship

Source: GospelEmpireGh.Com


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