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Meet Ghana’s Top 10 Prominent & Beautiful Female Preachers

In this 21st Century, there seems to be an era of female pastors and female preachers who are playing major leadership roles in the church to enhance its growth, such as becoming pastors and establishing their own churches.

The ‘Pray For Me’ Christians are Too Many – Rev. Adelaide Heward-Mills

The ‘Pray For Me’ Christians are Too Many – Lady Rev Mrs Adelaide Heward-Mills: Life happens. Sometimes we experience pleasant surprises, which have surmounted pressure on some people to always request for prayers from Pastors to ease their pain.

Women In Worship Concert Slated for September 20

An all-female minstrel night of worship unlimited experience concert dubbed “Women In Worship” was launched yesterday at the AH Hotel in Accra.

Dag Heward Mills (Personality Profile)

Early Life of Dag Heward Mills Born on 14th May 1963 to a Ghanaian father and Swiss mother, that is Nathaniel and Elizabeth Heward Mills, Dag Heward Mills is a powerful minister of this generation.   Dag Heward Mills children are his greatest gift. With