The ‘Pray For Me’ Christians are Too Many – Rev. Adelaide Heward-Mills

The ‘Pray For Me’ Christians are Too Many – Lady Rev Mrs Adelaide Heward-Mills: Life happens. Sometimes we experience pleasant surprises, which have surmounted pressure on some people to always request for prayers from Pastors to ease their pain.

In this age, people sometimes rush to explain their problems to any Pastor in the wake of their tragic circumstances and they will simple always cry out to the pastors, “Pray for me!”.

The wife of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills the founder and the presiding Bishop, lighthouse Chapel International (LCI), Lady Rev Mrs Adelaide Heward-Mills has shed some light on why God wants us to spend time honouring Him and then make requests for ourselves instead of always requesting for prayers from people.

She posted on her official Facebook account;

Matthew 26:40 “And he came to the disciples and found them sleeping. And he said to Peter, “So, could you not watch with me one hour?” The ‘pray for me’ Christians are too many. It is good for people to pray for you but if Jesus had left His prayer life in the hands of the three disciples that He went to Gethsemane with, perhaps there would have been no cross because they all slept. So the person in whose hands you have left your life is also human, he is asleep! But we can change random things in our lives. Amen!

There is a God on the other side who listens when we pray. He has the power and ability to act. But it is up to us to help determine whether He will.

Lady Rev Mrs Adelaide Heward-Mills is the first lady of Lighthouse Chapel International (LCI). The wife of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills the founder and the presiding Bishop.

Lady Rev Mrs Adelaide Heward-Mills is a lawyer by profession and blessed with four children, David, Joshua, Daniella and Paula.

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