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There is an amazing book written by a man called Dale Carnegie called How Win Friends and Influence People. A classic book written almost a century ago that gave the world the secrets of how to deal with people. One of the most important reason why Prophet Makandiwa is so successful is his application of the principles that Dale wrote about. Here is how he has applied them to grow his organization into a mega success.

Be genuinely interested in other people. A genuine interest in people is the reason why we experience excellence in so many different things we enjoy In life. What I have noticed in life is that people will never sacrifice thousands of hour to master a craft or create a product of they are not genuine interested in other people.


Secret no 1:

Don’t criticize people

In all my years I have listened to Prophet Makandiwa there is one thing that he did that made him so different from the other pastors, he never attacked or criticized people. He had a way of speaking to you in a way where he could highlight a problem but still make the people feel like he is not being criticized or judged, but is being corrected gently but firmly. This might seem like a very simple thing but this is the very foundation of dealing successfully with people as groups and individuals. Remember one thing, all you need comes from people, your customers, investors, suppliers, employees, partners, regulator are all people. Your success will solely be based on how these people feel about you. If the right people like you and have a good feeling about being around you that will translate into successful dealings with them. Too many preachers unknowingly despise, belittle and criticize their customers (congregants) unknowingly. In an attempt to change people, the one thing you should never do in leading the, selling to them is to criticize them. Do not be in the habit of casting negative comment when speaking to people. People do not like to be criticized for anything. Criticism makes people resentful, it makes them resist you and your product., your ideas. I once read very famous advice about being an author. The experts say you have to love and respect the audience you are writing too because an audience can pick it up in your writing if you love or don’t like people. Your feeling towards people they say can be transmitted across printed page and people will not like your material, they will subconsciously resist you. If your feeling towards people translate through printed pages, what more in face to face encounter that we have every day. People can sense our criticism, even those that we make when they are not there. It’s like a smell that sticks to you, once you habitually engage in it, it will taint you, and will eventually make you lose money. I have been in churches as I’m sure you have where the preacher criticizes his people, he says all sorts of nasty things to them in the name of tough love. The amazing thing is that when you look at the success of these men and women of God, how much of a limited impact they themselves cannot see where they are going wrong. They pray and fast for days on end, try and dress the best they can, but scarcely do they stumble upon this very simply and effective secret to success with people. DON’T CRITICIZE THEM. Don’t belittle their ideas, their sense of self if you want something from them, if you want their attention, if you are after their spirit, if you are after their soul, their money, people will generally give it willingly to individuals who are gentle when dealing with them, whose speech is kind even though firm, but doesn’t carry a hint of negativity towards them.


Secret no 2:

Talk in terms of what other people want

I’ve so much criticism over years against prosperity preachers. The why I start here is that I want you to see the difference in impact focus makes on the impact of your product, business or career. Prosperity preachers focus on what people want, they talk in terms of what every person is after, success which may mean different thing to different people, but the common denominator being a nice secure place to live, good health, money in your pocket, peace and wellbeing, recognition and success in business and career. All these things are what people want and they have found a way to translate and make relevant what the ancient book, the bible teaches into what people really want in the here and now. Prophet Makandiwa is a master at this and is unapologetic about it, his ministry and message centers on what people really want in life and shows them how to get it. The other more traditional pastors have taken a different route and their results over time in terms of impact and influence has waned. Now are you in the habit of thinking in terms of what people want or what you want. It’s so easy an entrepreneur to talk about what we want because a lot of times that is why we started a business in the first place. We had dreams of making money and building a big business, and that selfishness translates into our marketing, our conversations with the key people in our business lives, customers, financiers, suppliers. I want to make a make a list of all the key people in your life, from your friends to your spouse if you are married, to your idea customer, think about what they really want from you. What do these people want from you, then think about what you want from them, make a list, three columns, the third being a win -win situation, how can you get what you want by giving them what they want and talking in terms of their interest, talking from their perspective not from yours. Try and look at life from the perspective of your clients and talk from there, let your message be broadcast from there, then people will feel that connection with you. They will feel like you understand them, and their situation and that rapport will translate into a deep trust that is the foundation of having lifelong client who will buy anything from you because they trust you. Now isn’t that what we see with UFIC, a bunch of people that will buy anything the prophet sells, Tony Robbins calls it creating raving fan customers, which is the ultimate goal of any business and the foundation for great wealth. We are Prophet Makandiwa’s raving fan customers, me included, why? Because he knows how to talk in terms of what I want and that resonates with me, I feel like he cares and there whatever he offers me to buy I will, whether it’s a t-short, a wrist band, anything I will buy.
What do they want? What do I want from them The win-win situation

Secret no 3:

Be genuinely interested in other people

The foundation to all success I think comes down to this principle. A genuine interest in people is the reason why we experience excellence in so many different things we enjoy in life. Have you ever watched a blockbuster movie, what motivate those movie makes to spend thousands of hour footing scenes, creating stunning visuals and the like, a genuine respect and love for people, to entertain and wow them, to tell stories? What I have noticed in life is that people will never sacrifice the thousands of hour required to master a craft, to create a great product, for selfish reasons. Selfish motives can only take you so far, a desire to make money can only motivate you for so long, but a genuine interest in people will push people to make sacrifices that are incredible and that’s translate into the sacrifices they make to serve people. When look at the life of Prophet Makandiwa, that is what I see as the foundation. He is a man who is genuinely interested in people, and that is what drives his pursuit of excellence and why he spends so many hours in prayer, year after year he keeps on sacrificing even though he is financially well off. What motivate you when you don’t need anything anymore, when you have everything. What drives you to keep on producing products when you have become successful already. It’s a genuine love for people. you need to be genuinely interested in people. if you are an engineers, you need to be genuinely interested in people to make inventions that are commercially successful. If you are a musician, you need to be genuinely interested in people to connect to them. You need to want to take people somewhere, have a vision for them. Musicians do thing all the time, filmmakers do this. They deliberately want to create a certain emotion in you, they want to lead you somewhere with their piece of music or movie, they have that vision and the most successful musicians do that. Have a vision for your market, how do you want them to be after using your product, where do you want to take them, what kind of an impact do you want to have in their lives. What pain do you want to relieve from their lives? Are you genuinely interested in people? you need to be if you want to be successful in anything long term.

The question now is how can I cultivate my interest in people. Most people don’t realize that everything in life has to be cultivated and learnt. Nothing comes naturally or grows naturally if it came naturally, no talent can grow without practice, so too is a natural interest in people. you can work on it.

“Where do good new ideas come from?”

“That’s simple…from differences. Creativity comes from unlikely juxtaposititions. The best way to maximize differences is to mix ages, cultures and disciplines.”

Nicholas Negroponte, founder of MIT Media Labs

Hire for Diversity. Train for Diversity.

“There’s always a force at work towards non-diversity… whom are you relying on to execute ideas, whom are you relying on to come up with ideas, who are you relying on to feed off for yourself, to surround yourself with? There’s always a push towards uniformity that we have to struggle against….Most people’s natural instinct is to hire people they are familiar with, that sound like them….we have to fight against that all the time in ourselves, as well as in the people who we hire who are then going to be hiring other people. we try to reach for the broadest spectrum of points of view and personalities and backgrounds.

Marcy Carsey, founder The Carsey-Werner Company

My point being that an interest in people in cultivated by stretching yourself and exposing yourself to different kinds of people, different kinds of activities that you don’t normally do. All this makes you begin to appreciate points of view you have never ever seen before and that in turn grows your interest in people. What we don’t see in our father that is very obvious to the trained eye is how he has exposed himself to so many people and environment that are outside of his upbringing and background. How else can you resonate with so many people? its’s not just about being spiritual in the conventional sense of being spiritual but it’s being truly open to making a change and being uncomfortable. That stretching yourself that Prophet Makandiwa has done with himself has enabled him to touch lives across classes and backgrounds, you have to do the same in order to resonate with more people. you have to get into their world which is different from your world. All racism, bigotry, discrimination comes from very narrow views of the world, they are people who have never been outside their community, who have never interacted with people who are different from them that hates easily. Similarly, all genuine world changers are people who have broad interests in people and places. Cultivate it today. Start to travel more, read more, learn more, learn new stuff, watch different kinds of movies, channels, documentaries, in other words stretch yourself. It will be profitable to you in the long run.


Secret no 4:

Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely

I remember one day speaking to a friend of mine who was a pastor, I said to him, “Do you know what, of all the churches I have attended and been a part of I’ve never felt more connected to my pastor like I feel with Prophet Makandiwa. It’s amazing, I have been to smaller churches where I knew the pastor personally and I would visit his house, yet here I am in a church where we are like 60,000, I’ve never personally met my pastor yet I feel more respected, prayed for and connected to a man of God.”

Looking back on the conversation now I can see now why that is so. Prophet Makandiwa has a way of making you feel like you are a unique member of UFIC, that you matter to the success of the vision and that you are important. The ability to do that is very, very lucrative because it’s the basis of creating lasting relationship with your clients. If your clients can feel a specially connection with you because you have made them feel important it will translate to an unusual loyalty even when competitors come along that offer your customer base similar products. For example, many other churches have come up and many other genuine men of God have come along but because of my connection with Prophet Makandiwa, I’m a customer for life and that is the most profitable kind. There is a marketing concept called Lifetime Value of a customer which you need to understand. Lifetime value a customer is the total amount that a customer will buy from you over the lifetime of your relationship, which means if a customer buys from $100 of product from you once a month for twelve months and the relationship ends that means the lifetime value for that customer is $1200. So from this equation you can see that if the way to make more money is to several things, one of the being lengthen your relationship with the client. Make him last 5 years instead of one. Think about it in a church setting, if that was a tither who gives $100 a month, if this guy can be a faithful member for 10 years how much value can we extract from him more than if he came in and left within two months. The experts always say anything that strengthen your relationship with your increases the value you can get from them. Making people feel more important in a genuine way because you truly and sincerely respect, care and love them is important in life and business. You cannot be self-centered and successful in the long run. You can fake the talk but after a while the wolf in you will always show if you are not genuine. People can sense when love and respect is real and when it’s said and done with a sinister motive behind it. I think that’s why its’s so difficult to succeed in a business you don’t like. If you’re in a job that you don’t enjoy, or in an industry just for the money you won’t be successful for long because that motive will show. Haven’t you been in retail store where the owner is always angry and frustrated. It’s most likely that the guy got into the business for the money and in time it shows. Do something you love, with people you respect and with product and customers you are passionate about serving., then it won’t be difficult to translate that honor and importance that they deserve to them, it won’t be fake but will be genuine heartfelt respect and honor and customers respond to that.

If you are in an industry or a business that you love, the question becomes, how can you communicate that? People are never going to guess that you honor and respect them. You have to communicate it, that what marketing is all about, communicating what we feel about our product, our customers, our company. We have to communicate it, we have to find a way of letting our people know that both in our personal and professional relationship. Prophet Makandiwa is always talking about this, knowing your boss’s birthday, your clients’ birthdays, anniversaries, and simply sending a present and birthday wishes. These things work, there was a guy who was one of best car dealers in America, he dealership sold more cars than 95% of the other car dealers in the whole country. When he was asked about his secret about how to sell more cars, they found out that he has a system that he has, when people come into his dealership and buy a car he makes works on the after sale like crazy. He sends them a thank you card so after the purchase. When they have birthdays, he sends cards and presents, he does the same at their anniversaries, graduation etc. he says most people after someone has bought from them sort of forget about the person and many businesses do that, and they lose their customers. His system makes him an integral part of his clients’ life so that next time they want a new car. They go to their “friend” to buy the car, he gets a lot of repeat business and as any business knows repeat business is more profitable than first time buyers. Can you find a way to make people feel important? Be creative and be genuine. Let it permeate everything you do.


Secret no 5:

Begin in a friendly way

Be approachable. Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has a very friendly and approachable demeanor that makes him more human and people connect easier to people like that. The choice that he has made to project himself in that way (and it’s a choice by the way) flies in the face of what most preachers of the gospel are like. Many a man of God often like to be more respected than liked, like to be revered than approachable. This I think comes from a traditional view of Christianity, the history of the clergy or pastors in modern language yet to connect more people as I think you have heard me say over and over again comes down them being able to relate to you. People need to relate to you, to your product, to your ideas, to your point of view, but it all start with you. You have to be approachable, you have to be friendly, you have to begin the relationship in a friendly way. If you are retailer, if a customer walk into your store, how are they received, how do your sales people begin the conversation. Are they approachable? Do they begin with a joke, a compliment, something that makes the relationship friendly and pleasant? We have to be able to do that. Whenever Prophet Makandiwa is preaching, it doesn’t matter what the sermon is on, he (6 Success Secrets of Dealing with People – Prophet Makandiwa (Devotion)  always begins in a slow, friendly manner. This makes the audience open their heart to the message. The same principle applies whether you are doing deals, selling insurance or preaching the gospel. How do you make a good first impression? Are you friendly? Look at each place the customer interfaces with your company. Is it friendly and approachable, whether it’s a brochure, the lobby of a bank, a storefront. The game is about making a connection with people.

10 precious minutes: Marriot International (Hotels)

The company’s market research is clear: A guest’s experience at Marriot (and probably any other service establishment ) is overwhelmingly influenced by the first few- 10, to be exact- minutes in the joint. So Marriot has gone to work…SYSTEMATICALLY.. to improve those initial 10 minutes.It creates a listing of the day’s guests in the order of expected arrival: Those expected to arrive first have their rooms cleaned first. A simple …obvious…and POWERFUL..idea. Marriot is combining the task of doorman, bellhop, and desk clerk into a single position- guest service agent (GSA). A guest is greeted at the door… check in … and taken to his or her room by the same person. Obvious? Of course! Brilliant? You bet! Does it work? Absolutely!

Dr Tom Peter (Circle of Innovation)

The world of big global business as you can see have taken this idea to the next level. Try and begin every interaction in a friendly way.


Secret no 6:


Title of articles: The Heart Business Strategy: 56Things That Matter

“3. Smile. Work on it. Smiles change the world- think Nelson Mandela =, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Their smiles (called an “irresistible grin” in Ike’s case) kept Allies together at D-Day in Eisenhower’s case and washed hatred away in Mandela’s. Smiles are key to customer retention- think Starbucks. And no joke, you can work on it/at it.

Dr Tom Peter (PhD economist and one of the best management consultant in the world)

The reason why I put that quote from a PhD economist is for you to see what those billionaires and corporate CEO, and president are taught by their expert. One of them is the art of smiling. It seems like a joke but it’s true. You cannot be serious and connect with people, and remember what I said, people have everything that you need, money, time, anything, so in order to influence people you have to learn how to smile. As Dr. Peters counsels us, learn how to smile. Work on it. Look into the mirror and practice how to smile.

There is an amazing book written by a man called Dale Carnegie called How Win Friends and Influence People. A classic book written almost a century ago that gave the world the secrets of how to deal with people. One of the most important reason why Prophet Makandiwa is so successful is his application of the principles that Dale wrote about. Here is how he has applied them to grow his organization into a mega success.

6 Success Secrets of Dealing with People – Prophet Makandiwa (Devotion)




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