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Makandiwa Vows He Will Never Take Coronavirus Vaccine

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has vowed that he will personally never take any Coronavirus vaccine giving extremely weird reasons for his stance.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Foretold Coronavirus (COVID-19) [Video]

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa delivered a detailed prophecy concerning the Coronavirus COVID-19 plague, urging the body of Christ to pray.

Mystery of Open Doors: The Way Of The Spirit – Emmanuel Makandiwa

Mystery of Open Doors: The Way Of The Spirit by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa: Mystery of Open Doors:

6 Success Secrets of Dealing with People – Prophet Makandiwa (Devotion)

There is an amazing book written by a man called Dale Carnegie called How Win Friends and Influence People. A classic book written almost a century ago that gave the world the secrets of how to deal with people. One of the most important

Makandiwa – Bloodline Curses (Devotion)

Prophet Makandiwa: Ezekiel 18 vs. 1-3, 14-15, 19-23 In verse 1 and 2, God is asking Ezekiel about a proverb in Israel which says if fathers did something wrong, the children had to pay the price.