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Mystery of Open Doors: The Way Of The Spirit by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa: Mystery of Open Doors:

The Way Of The Spirit devotion by Emmanuel Makandiwa, helps God’s people refresh, refocus and renew their faith and prayer.

Luke 1 vs. 17; Ecclesiastes 11 vs. 5;

(vs. 5) “…the Way Of The Spirit…”

The writer is telling us the things that we do not understand. Two things;

  • The Way of The Spirit 2. The Creation of Bones

And we are going to talk about the Way Of The Spirit.

The Spirit has a way. We are where we are today because we have failed to understand the way of the Spirit. If you fail to understand the way of the Spirit, you will follow the way of the Flesh and your choices will be based on the way of the Flesh.

(1 Corinthians 2 vs 14) I will start by presenting a question. This is a very common scripture.

(vs. 14) The natural man cannot receive the things of the Spirit from God. So who is the natural man? He is not referring to the carnal man. It is the physical man. And it is that man that he is saying cannot receive the things of the Spirit from God because they require discernment.

So the question now is; how did it (the physical man) receive the thing that was of the Spirit (the Spirit from God)?

One might ask; what can I do to understand the way of the Spirit? Can someone be taught? Can that be discussed? Can the way of the Spirit be taught and be understood? Can one be qualified in the Spirit as a result of training? The answer is Yes.

God breathed into the nostrils of man and the fact that the Spirit remained in the nostrils of the Flesh, there must be, somehow, a receiving that occurred.

How did the Spirit inside you, come in? How did the natural man manage to receive a Spirit that came from God if he cannot receive from God?

So if God breathed the Spirit into the Flesh and Man became a living soul, then who was given to who, if the natural man cannot receive from God?

Is there a way of knowing the way of the Spirit? If you understand these things, you will find yourself doing great things.

(Ecclesiastes 11 vs. 5) Most people get the wrong context of the Spirit in that verse. The Spirit in that verse is not the Spirit of God but the Spirit in man.

The Spirit given to you by God has a way of doing things. We then have to study the way of the Spirit and the way of the Flesh and understand the difference.

(Genesis 2 vs. 7) Your flesh is alive but it once had no life. The origin of your flesh; you started off dead. You were created by God from the dust, dead and an act of resurrection was done when God breathed into the flesh and man became a living soul.

You were once dead and God raised you and you ought to live the way of the resurrected ones.

(Leviticus 17 vs.11) The life of the Flesh is not in the flesh; it is in the Blood.

Your flesh was given Life, not directly from God but through the Blood. Which means the Blood got Life from somewhere. So the Life in the Blood is not the life for the Blood but for the Flesh.

But what keeps the Blood alive? The Life of the Blood is in the Spirit.

If the Life of the Flesh is in the Blood, the Life of the Blood is in the Spirit and the Life of the Spirit is in God.

If there is no blood in your flesh, your flesh dies. If they take your blood and keep it under good conditions, the blood can survive for some time. This is proof that there is no Life in the Flesh.

The Life of the Flesh is in the Blood. It is what keeps it alive and what gives Life to the Blood outside of the body is the Spirit. If the Spirit ceases to supply Life to the Blood, it(the Blood) dies.

If the Blood stops giving Life to the Body, the Body dies.

The Blood has that ability to receive Life from the Spirit and translate it into the some form that the flesh can receive.

The Blood is the mediator between the Flesh and the Spirit. The natural man cannot receive from God so the Blood receives Spiritual things from the Spirit and gives it to the Flesh.

If the Life of the Flesh is in the Blood and it ends there, how is it that a person can die in the hospital and he has all of his blood in his body; that is if the Life of the Flesh is in the Blood and we close the chapter on that? How are people dying with all the blood in their flesh?

The Bible says that it is the Spirit that quickens; it is the Spirit that gives Life.

(Genesis 2 vs. 7) When God breathed, it is the Blood that received Life first and then handed it over to the Flesh.

(Leviticus 17 vs. 11)God said this because what makes you a people is the Blood. What makes you, you, is the Life that is handed to the body by the Spirit.

The Spirit in you has a way and you haven’t given it an opportunity to have its way and that is why your Life is as miserable as it is today.

Educated people can explain how a seed can move from the (paternal) father into the (maternal) mother but they cannot explain how the Spirit follows that seed. They can’t explain the way of the Spirit.

If you understand this, you will understand that you don’t have a Spirit but a body. Let the Spirit declare that it has a body! The condition of your Flesh, whether poor or broke or sick is not the condition of the Spirit.

(Proverbs 17 vs. 22) It is a broken Spirit that dries up bones. When the Spirit is broken, out of course and no longer in alignment, it is the Flesh that suffers. When the relationship between God and the Spirit is broken, the Flesh will reflect the poverty of that condition. You will be sick according to the condition off the Flesh.

Before the Flesh was created, you were once with God. When God put a spirit in the Flesh, He finished creating the Flesh first before He Separated Himself from you, which means you participated in the Creation of your Flesh. This means the Spirit in you has the creative ability. You can create certain body parts. Your Spirit carries the ability to create certain body parts.

There is an agent from God when your body needs re-calibration and re-alignment and that is your Spirit.

You can condition your body by conditioning your Spirit. You have to stop thinking in a certain way. If you stop a certain mentality, then your body will stop receiving that information from your blood.

The Flesh requires training to access information that is already in your Blood. We don’t go to school to get information from books but to be trained on how to access information in your Blood.

Emmanuel Makandiwa was born Shingirai Chirume on 25 December 1977 to Lilian Makandiwa. His family eked a living through farming. He grew up in Muzarabani. Both his parents were elders in the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe Church in Muzarabani.

Mystery of Open Doors: The Way Of The Spirit – Emmanuel Makandiwa

Source: Emmanuel Makandiwa – ufiministries.org

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