Kakra Baiden – Rules Of Engagement (Podcast)

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MANY YEARS AGO, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST appeared in a vision to Reverend Kakra Baiden and called him into the ministry as a prophet, teacher and miracle worker.

Kakra Baiden is also known as the walking bible for his supernatural ability to preach and teach without looking into the bible. Check out his Podcast on Rules Of Engagement:

Life is full of problems. It could be marital, financial, spiritual or medical. Your ability to solve them will determine how happy you are.

There are some problems that can be solved by a phone call, money, political power, your doctor or your contacts. If you live long enough, you will soon come across problems that defy any solution. Some of these problems can only be compensated with your blood.

I have encountered some people with such problems. Take the case of a woman I came across, who suffered from terminal cancer, or the case of someone’s daughter, who suffered from incurable schizophrenia, or the case of a marriage that was destined for divorce, or the case of a woman, who was constantly attacked by spirit beings, that bit her all over, every single night.

There was also a businessman with a failing business, whose business grew by eight hundred percent (800%) within five days, and a woman, who finally gave birth to twins, when she was almost fifty.
I am happy to tell you, that I saw God resolve all these problems through the power of prayer.

A time is coming in your life, when you will hear a knock at the door of your life. When you open it, you will find standing there, a problem you cannot control. Only prayer can save you.Now is the time to learn how to pray before the evil days come.

In RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, you will learn how to use the spiritual weapon of prayer, and be victorious over evil, when it comes knocking at your door.



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