Verzuz continued on Easter Sunday (April 17) with a special showdown between gospel sibling duos Mary Mary and BeBe & CeCe Winans, which took place live from the historic Vibiana venue in downtown Los Angeles.

Mary Mary (composed of sisters Erica Campbell and Trecina Atkins-Campbell) delivered some of their all-time classics while brother and sister duo Bebe & Cece Winans (né Benjamin Winans and Priscilla Winans respectively) sang some of their fan-favorite tunes atop the brightly lit stage.

From Mary Mary’s “Get Up” to BeBe & CeCe Winans’ “Lost Without You,” attendees didn’t know which gospel smash to expect next. Here are some the most memorable moments from the fun-filled Verzuz Easter edition.

As if fans weren’t happy enough to see all four Grammy-winning singers, Stevie Wonder also made a special cameo and delivered an important message. “What a perfect way to celebrate this Resurrection Day,” Stevie said, before saying of the friendly competition, “It was incredible, I would say it was a tie.”

“It was wonderful just to hear the music and celebration of the most high,” he added.

Wonder then made a statement, “There is no better way to wake the world up to where and what we need to do. For those of you who choose to hate, for those of you who choose to not make sure that everyone has voting rights. For those of you that take 1,200 years to sign an anti-lynching law… God has made a promise to us that he will fulfill. But America, you have so much possibility. Grow up and get the job done.”

Afterwards, BeBe Winans jokingly urged Wonder to sing a line from the icon’s own 1973 gospel classic “Jesus Children of America.”

Mary Mary delivers a remixed rendition of “Get Up”

Mary Mary nearly transformed L.A.’s Vibiana into “Club Church” when the pair delivered an upbeat, remixed version of “Get Up.” As they repeatedly sang “one more time,” the crowd was visibly encouraged to “get on up” and dance.

The original “Get Up” (2008) charted for 38 weeks on Billboard‘s Hot Gospel Songs tally, where it peaked at No. 2.

It’s a Winans family affair

While showing off their spectacular vocals for their hit song “Lost Without You,” BeBe Winans enlisted the duo’s niece and nephew (actress Deborah Joy Winans and singer-songwriter Juan Winans) to hit the stage. (Both are children of his brother and fellow singer Carvin Winans.)

“Juan and Joy, come on up here!” he said proudly. “We need some help, we got some help.”

Joy and Juan soon chimed in, sharing a microphone with their aunt CeCe, to deliver background notes. All the while, Warryn Campbell Jr. — husband to Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell — played the piano.

Mary Mary, Bebe & CeCe Winans harmonize together

Mary Mary and BeBe & CeCe Winans joined forces musically at one point to create one of the most memorable moments during the Easter Sunday Verzuz.

After the Winans siblings wrapped up an epic “Lost Without You,” they continued freestyling with soulful ad libs. That’s when Mary Mary, who had been sitting across the stage, melodically sang along.

Soon after, Trecina Atkins-Campbell joked, “I’m really enjoying being BeBe and CeCe Winans’ background singer.”

DJ Mal-Ski is the ultimate beat boxer

Throughout the evening, DJ Mal-Ski (né Jamal McCoy) kept the crowd going with fun vibes, dance moves and great jokes, but he nearly stole the show when he beat boxed the closing instrumentals to Mary Mary’s “Go Get It.”

“Go get it, go get your blessing,” Erica Campbell said in the middle of the song. “That’s a message for somebody tonight who’s been afraid to go get it… God promised something for you and it’s time for you to go get it.”

After the epic music moment, complete with strong vocals from sister Trecina Atkins-Campbell, even BeBe Winans couldn’t help but laugh and nod.

Watch some of the Easter Verzuz below:




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