National Music and Talent Awards (NMTA)

Joyful Music Association (JMA) Is Set to Host The Maiden Edition Of The National Music and Talent Awards (NMTA) In Gent, Belgium

Mama Tina, a Ghanaian gospel artiste based in Belgium, formed the non-profit Joyful Music Association (JMA) with the goal of promoting gospel music and talent all over the world.

Mama Tina has a passion for using music to spread her faith and happiness. She has been singing gospel songs since she was a young child. She has performed in numerous locations and occasions while releasing a number of albums and singles.

The National Music and Talent Awards (NMTA), a new JMA effort to honour and promote the best gospel music and talent in Ghana and beyond, is also organised by Mama Tina and her team Alex Asare, Esther Tamatey and Thomas Dando.

The NMTA will be held for the first time in Ghent, Belgium. date for the NMTA will be announced shortly officially.

Numerous award categories, including Best Poet, Best Singer, Best Dancer, and others, will be presented at the NMTA.

Additionally, the NMTA will feature some of the best gospel performances by Mama Tina and other well-known gospel performers from Ghana and other countries.

All fans and supporters of gospel music are welcome to participate in the NMTA and cast their votes for their preferred nominees online or by SMS.

Additionally, gospel music stakeholders like artists, producers, promoters, journalists, sponsors, and fans can network and collaborate together on projects through the NMTA.

The mission of the NMTA is to share the gospel of love, peace, and hope while also uplifting and inspiring others.

Everyone is welcome to celebrate gospel music and talent at the NMTA with Mama Tina.

“I am thrilled to host the inaugural NMTA,” she declares. For the JMA and me, it is a fulfillment of a dream. Gospel music and talent, in my opinion, have a positive influence on people’s lives and society. Through the NMTA, I pray that we can both support and encourage one another as we pursue our musical endeavours while also honouring God with our abilities and gifts. At the NMTA, I’m looking forward to seeing you all. God be with you.

The mission of JMA is to unite people through the shared language of music, to foster a sense of community and unity, and to inspire musicians to keep using music as a means of self-expression.

Source: GospelEmpireGh.Com

Sampson Annan

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