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Vital Life Foundation, a Talent-Evangelical outreach organization announces a new initiative to harvest talent to further push the message of the Gospel with the launch of a new talent hunt show tagged, “Gospel Got Voices”.

“It is a talent hunt show event which hosts thousands of youths across the globe.

Its mission is geared towards the empowerment of gifted and talented singers, with a deliberate strategy of focusing their hearts on the cross which we do believe is the true essence of their potential, thereby creating visibility and a wide-ranging platform that will help contestants impact their world positively.”

Gospel Got Voices is a project presented by Next Generation Impact, which is a subsidiary of Vital Life Foundation International.

Vital Life Foundation is a Non-governmental Organization and a team of “Talent Evangelists” across the world responding to the perfect Love of God through the Art of ‘Worship’ (Service) with their God-given talents and gift, and full commitment to God’s Kingdom advancement and community development.

Registration commences on the 1st of November, 2022 and will close 30th of November, 2022. The single registration fee is $9 (₦ 6,000) with Group registration pinned at $15 (₦ 10,000).

Prizes For Winners;
First Prize:

$3,500 – [A cash prize of $1500 with a record deal of $2000, that’s a total of $3,500.]

Second Prize:

$2,000 – [A cash prize of $750 with a record deal of $1250, that’s a total of $2,000.]

Third Prize:

$1,000 – [A cash prize of $430 and a record deal of $1070, that’s a total of $1,000.]



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