Pele And Prophet Uebert Angel

I Prophesied Pele’s Death – Prophet Uebert Angel

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Prophet Uebert Angel has claimed that he his prophecy about the death of Brazilian football legend, Pele, has come to pass as foretold.

The Zimbabwean prophet tweeted the claim, saying he had accurately predicted that Pele would die before end of 2022.

He claims to have made the prophecy on 2 January, 11 September and 23 October.

“International prophecy fulfilled. Pele dies aged 82 – just 2 days before the year 2022 ended exactly as prophesied on multiple occasions fore-warning the people” tweeted Prophet Angel.

“Then the Lord said to me – something that I need to say nicely. This year, I saw them crying for a legend in Brazil. Everyone. And the Lord said: ‘Look there, they are crying for a person but they are not crying for their ways’. Pele will die”, it is claimed this is the prophecy Angel made on 2nd of January this year.

In September, it is alleged Uebert Angel also made another Pele prophecy.


PELE DIES aged 82… just 2 Days before the year 2022 ended exactly as Prophet Uebert Angel prophesied on multiple occasions fore-warning the people. #uebertangel #pele #football #brazil #americas

— Uebert Angel (@UebertAngel) December 29, 2022
“This whole thing is about trying to prove that the God we serve knows everything. We know of course Pele is going to die”, says Angel in the footage he posted on Twitter.

Uebert Angel is regarded as the spiritual father of Malawi’s Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

Pele died yesterday.

He is regarded by many as the greatest of all time (GOAT) athlete and football player. He is the only player to have won the World Cup three times. He was the youngest ever to win the World Cup at 17.

Pele and Argentinean football player, Maradona, are often compared to each other.

There will be three days of national mourning in Brazil starting today. Several leaders, footballers and other athletes as well as businesses have shared their condolences.

Pele had also a good following here in Malawi.

He died surrounded by his family who announced his death.