Jenn Arthur

Indie Singer Jenn Arthur Reflects on the Year 2022 and Recaps It

Even though 2022 is still only a few days old, it is never too early to think back on what has been said and done.

The Ghanaian Gospel Gem Jenn Arthur, who lives in Canada, posted on social media on Tuesday morning to reflect on the favor and grace the Way Maker had bestowed upon her throughout 2022.

She continued to think about how fortunate she feels despite not owning a Lamborghini, a Bugatti, or millions of dollars stashed away in the bank.

Despite minor ups and downs, Jenn Arthur, who has seen several whirlwinds in her musical career, is still standing strong.

“As I sit quietly and recap, review, and reflect on the year 2022, I see nothing but the powerful hand of God. I ask myself how I even made it. This had to be the doing of the Lord. He has dealt bountifully with me, though I might not have the Lamborghinis, the Bugattis or have millions stacked away in the bank or wear the finest silk and cotton, I feel beyond blessed and favored! For if it had not been the Lord on my side, tell me, where would I be? Thank you Lord for what you have done for me, I am beyond grateful #GraceOverFlowl !,” Jenn tweeted.

While the “Turning Things Around” hitmaker seemed to have undergone a transformation in 2022, the year was traumatic for her because her cherished mother Lydia Arthur passed away.

But despite this, Jenn keeps pushing forward with the assistance of her adoring fans and supporters.

Source: GospelEmpireGh.Com