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The general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye recounts story of him and a herbalist who took the Holy Communion.

The Clergyman who preached concerning the Holy Communion via a live broadcast video, through his Facebook page, took out a little time to narrate his encounter with an herbalist took the Holy Communion.

Pastor Adeboye, during his narration said: “When you eat the Bread and you drink the Blood, it means you have swallowed Jesus Christ. Some people might not know what it means to swallow Jesus Christ. A man who was the leading herbalist in Ota before he got converted during a door-to-door evangelism, said the highest level you can reach when you are dealing with the devil is to swallow the ‘Iffa Oracle’.”

Pastor Adeboye recalled how the herbalist had swallowed an oracle. And after taking the blood of Jesus, what he had swallowed came out.

“During his testimony here, he said he swallowed that oracle. Until he met the Lord Jesus Christ, then he swallowed the Holy Communion and the oracle he swallowed came out. He had to vomit it immediately. Whatever evil thing you have swallowed, may it come out by the Power of the Blood of Jesus.”

Source: selahafrik.com


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