Beyonce And Tasha Cobbs

Tasha Cobbs Leonard Reveals How She’s Praying for Beyonce

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Christian artist Tasha Cobbs Leonard recently shared her prayers for Beyonce´ as she deals with the huge reaction surrounding her upcoming tour.

Beyonce´ announced the dates for her Renaissance World Tour, which will take place across Europe and North America. Fans are already complaining about how difficult it will be to get tickets, and Leonard decided to take some time to pray for the superstar.

Leonard wrote, “I pray that she would feel your presence very near to her today. I pray that your presence would fill any void and bring her unspeakable joy. Let her home be a sanctuary for you to meet with her.”

She continued her prayer, writing that she hopes Beyonce´ finds “rest and safety” with God and that her family “would grow strong together.”

“Make every burden light,” Leonard went on. “Cover and protect her from all evil, all harm and all sickness disease. Cover her heart and her mind from any thoughts or ideals that are not good or perfect.”

Leonard’s post is a reminder that as Christians, we must pray for the people around us — regardless of how we may feel about them personally.

Beyonce appears to not be a Christian and has even prominently embraced false religions. However, she is not beyond God’s amazing and redemptive grace. Pray today that she comes to know the Lord in a deeply personal way.

As Leonard says: “I felt a tug to intercede! Join me if you feel the tug too.”