Tina Campbell Advocates for Social Media Authenticity

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Award-winning gospel recording artist, Tina Campbell shares her ideas about Social Media Authenticity and positivity.On social media, millions feel pressured to pretend to be more than what they are, or even be more negative or vocal than they would be in real life.

But GRAMMY® Award-winning gospel recording artist, Tina Campbell, says despite these pressures, it’s best to be genuine and positive, which is who you’re “post” to be.

“Let’s rise to this occasion folks. Let’s live the testimony that we tell today,” wrote the 44-year-old “Too Hard Not To” singer. “Let’s post with integrity. Let’s be less impulsive and impressive and just be OK with displaying the best of who we really are.”

A 2018 Pew Research study shows that most American adults are now on social media, with older folks favoring Facebook and YouTube over Snapchat and Instagram.

The spike in online usage has led the masses to become hyper-focused on image, which can sometimes lead to unhealthy patterns of pretentious and deceptive behaviors.

“Let’s hope and dream and anticipate, but let’s not lie and create facades and post pretense for likes,” continued Campbell. “God likes you even if you’re not as awesome as your post.

Let’s post love and care and concern, not correction and judgement and hate. Let’s be awesome in real life today, not just for social media impressions.”

Speaking of impressions, Campbell has grown since the days of not making the best impression on the public through her WE TV reality show, “Mary Mary.”

“It’s a lot of unnecessary arguing and bickering and stuff,” she said during an interview on the TBN Network’s “Praise the Lord.”

She called the nasty attitudes and ugly confrontations with her sister, Erica Campbell, “foolishness.”

In light of her previous shortcomings and desire to be better, Campbell added, “I’ll be the first to take this advice,” and then asked, “Now who’s got next?”

Source: eewmagazineonline.com


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