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World Wrestling Entertainment Star The contractor surprised fans by thanking his wife, Michelle, for leading him into a relationship with Jesus Christ during Friday’s Hall of Fame induction.

Wrestler Mark Calaway opened up about his family when commenting on his induction into the prestigious museum and paid special attention to his wife and former wrestler Michelle McCool.

“I think the greatest thing you’ve ever done for me, though, is restore my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” Calaway said as his wife and daughter watched nearby at the American Airlines Center. from Dallas.

Calaway has previously spoken of his wife’s hand in helping him develop his relationship with Jesus. A year ago, he told CBN that before his wife started taking him to church with her, he was “living quite an excessive life and I wasn’t living my life for God.”

The famous wrestler said he refused to go with his wife to his church in Austin, Texas because he felt he was already a ‘good’ person and didn’t need to go at the church. He also noted that he didn’t want to deal with the “brimstone” the pastor would throw at him once his presence was known in the congregation.

While he was uncomfortable at first, he quickly came to appreciate the services.

“I found myself a little tense and thoughtful leaning over and like, wow that’s pretty cool. And that started my journey to live my life the way I should,” Calaway said.

Calaway noted that he realized he was “missing” the life of a committed Christian, and added, “I’m not perfect. I am still in my process. I’m getting there but I spend a lot more time these days reading my Bible.

Source: goodwordnews.com

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