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You Don’t Need A Prophet – Prophet Uebert Angel

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Charismatic evangelical preacher Prophet Uebert Angel says Christians honestly do not need a prophet because the Holy Spirit is already present to guide us.

Prophet Uebert Angel reprimanded the congregation during a live Sunday Service via Miracle Television. The panoramic seer Prophet Uebert Angel revealed that Christians would not want a prophet if they were able to fulfill their obligations.

“You already have the Holy Spirit, so you don’t need a prophet. You are not acting as a Christian ought to. Prophets will utilize anointed substances like anointed oil, water, etc. to manipulate and exploit you till your death” he said.

He reaffirmed that he is not opposed to prophets but exhorteding Christians who are naive to awaken from their slumber and start developing personal relationship with God rather than relying on prophets.

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