Dora Christina Rubombora

49 Years Later, She Is Still Preaching The Gospel

Before His ascension, Jesus gathered the disciples together and said, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:18-20).

These words were given to every follower of Jesus Christ. However, in the Christian world today, many of us have come up with excuses not to obey the great commission. The instruction is not to wait for the world to come to us, but rather for us to go into all of world and make disciples.

This is exactly what Dora Christina Rubombora has determined to do, even at an old age.

Dora has for the last 49 years connected people to Jesus Christ and mobilized missionaries across various African countries through her role at LIFE Ministry Uganda.

Dora Christina Rubombora believers that till this day, the harvest is still plentiful and God is still looking for labourers to send into His harvest.

Dora was born in a Christian family and she is the first born of seven children. Her parents were active members in the church and we grew up in that kind of environment. Her father was a treasurer for their local church and her mother was at one time a Mothers’ Union worker.

“I therefore grew up knowing about God, reading the Bible, praying and attending Sunday services regularly. I used to believe that I was a good girl since I was morally upright and well behaved,” she recalled in a statement published by LIFE Ministry Uganda.

Christ Fills Her Emptiness

However, while at Trinity College Nabbingo for her Advanced Level education, Dora says she began to feel an emptiness in her life.

“I did not know what to attribute it to. When I joined Makerere University in 1969, I did Biology and I really enjoyed it. It was the phase of my education that I enjoyed the most. Yet that feeling of emptiness still lingered,” she said.

Dora Christina Rubombora used to attend Christian Union (CU) meetings at Makerere University, however during one meeting the preacher challenged those who were not born again to invite Christ into their lives. Did she answer the call?

“I did not move forward but his words kept echoing in my head until the next day, when I went to attend another CU fellowship. The preacher that day was a pastor from Kenya and after his sharing, he also gave an opportunity to people to pray and receive Christ. I said to myself, “Maybe this is what I am lacking in my life”. I then took a step of faith and invited Jesus Christ into my life. It was on 10th July 1971,” she said.

Dora reveals that immediately she received Christ, she felt like “a missing piece just landed in my life.”

“I used to wonder what life was all about. But when I received Jesus, those questions were answered. I began to understand that God had a purpose and reason for my existence,” she said.

It is here that Dora was connected to friends who played a big role in nurturing her spiritually.

Joining full-time Christian work
Her journey to full-time ministry stated when she joined an organization called Campus Crusade for Christ. Here, she was invited for a training in Nairobi in April 1972.

“It was during that training that God clearly showed me what He wanted me to do. He wanted me to serve Him the way I was (a single) with this organization. I shared with my parents about my decision to join fulltime Christian work and they gave their consent.”

Strong in Faith Despite Idi Amin Tough Regime
Dora Christina Rubombora explains that as ministry was beginning to take root, things took a drastic turn in 1973 because of Idi Amin’s paranoia for Christianity in Uganda.

“He abolished some Christian organizations and unfortunately, Campus Crusade for Christ was one of them. As an organization, we went under the protection of the Church of Uganda and also changed the name to LIFE Ministry Uganda. The training was shifted to Nairobi,” she said.

After her training, Dora was asked to remain in Kenya as an instructor.

“God spoke to me through Mathew 9:37-39 and I accepted to stay. I appreciated the fact that He was the Lord of the harvest, and I am a mere servant of God. From that time I was ready to be used by Him and be sent wherever He wanted me to go,”she said.

From Kenya, Dora travelled to Kinshasa in 1980 where the Great Commission Training Centre was established for the Francophone region. Six years later, she moved back to Nairobi for further studies until 1988.

Dora later moved to Mali, and then Zimbabwe, majorly involved in training of staff.

Returning Home
“The Lord spoke to me about my next destination in 2003. I was very excited because it was not a transfer to any another country but home. I returned to Uganda in June 2004 and was very glad to be back home,” she said.

It is here that Dora was slowly launched back into active field ministry as part of the Global Church Movement (GCM) department of LIFE Ministry, in 2019.

“What can I say after 49 years on staff? The Lord has been faithful. He brought me to Himself in 1971 when I committed my life to Jesus and He has never left me alone or forsaken me. He called me as a young single lady to serve Him in 1972 and as I look back, what is unquestionable about God is His faithfulness. In challenging times, He has been with me and seen me through them all. He has provided for all my needs beyond my wildest imagination,” she said.

“I must say that the harvest is still plentiful and God is still looking for labourers to send into His harvest. Therefore, if the call to ministry comes, remember this: God is faithful. He who has done it for me and countless other staff will surely do it for you. He is the same God who is enough. He is also the same God who desires our submission and total obedience. He knows the plans He has for us that will bring Him glory. Therefore, stand up when God calls you and be counted among the labourers in the King’s harvest field,” she said.