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5 Reasons Why Suicide Isn’t The Answer – Adom Kiki

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Adom Kiki preaches to his audience after recently cementing his legacy as the NGMA22 Gospel New Artist of the Year.
Adom Kiki said Living is the solution suicide is not the answer.

The solution is NOT suicide. Live each day to the fullest,” he admonished. The gospel singer gave three explanations on why suicide is not the solution:

Pain is temporary:

It’s normal to experience anguish, particularly emotional pain. Although it is in our inclination to avoid discomfort and pain, nothing lasts forever. We must broaden our perspectives and pay attention to those who have come before us and are using their experiences to change the world.

You’re not what happened to you:

Negative situations can lead us to feel unworthy or believe that we were somehow to blame. That is untrue. We are not defined by our experiences. Events are experiences, and we choose to become the people we are. Take a GHc100 and perform this simple exercise. Close it. Fold it till you can no longer fold it. As hard as you can, squeeze it. Step on it after tossing it to the ground. How much is it currently worth? GHc100. Despite all you did, the value remained unchanged. The same is true of your worth. No matter what has occurred to you, never forget how valuable you are.

This is life:

I realize that this seems obnoxious and insensitive, but we frequently believe that life should be filled with joy and rainbows, so when sorrow and pain occur, we become distracted and agitated. The truth is that life has ups and downs, like a rollercoaster.

It’s worse for certain people:

I realize this is cliche. Having been to other nations and heard some of the worst stories imaginable, I have come to see the validity in the adage that some people have it worse than you. Watch some of Nick Vujicic’s videos on YouTube to see what it’s like to live without arms and legs if you don’t believe me.

You deserve better:

Even if those around you treat you unfairly, that does not mean that is how you should be treated. What you received and what you deserve are not the same thing. Do not mix the two up. Keep in mind that you still have a lot of potential and work to do. Better things are on the way for you. Although it won’t be simple, it will be worthwhile.

Adom Kiki recently released his new single dubbed My Redeemer which features Oware Jnr.

The song was co-written by Adom Kiki, Morris Babyface and co-produced by Adom Kiki and Collins Tee.

The single is available on digital retail and streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, and other outlets.

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