Joe Praize, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome And Sinach

Meet 4 Great Singers Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Has Mentored

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The founder of the Believers World, also known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is not just a preacher who preaches what the Bible says but who does what God’s Word says. Pastor Chris has penchant for noticing potentials in gospel artistes, nurture them and give them a platform for them to be heard and seen. Here are some of those artistes making waves in Christendom.

1. Frank Edwards

He grew up learning how to play Piano from his father. He was born into the family of seven, with five siblings. He started singing at the age of 10.

Frank Edwards is a member of Christ Embassy Church in Nigeria and LoveWorld Music Ministry alongside other gospel musicians including Ada Ehi (gospel musician), Sinach, Eben, Joe Praize. He started as a keyboardist at Christ Embassy before he released ”The Definition” that was released in 2008. It was this song that took him to limelight. After coming to limelight, he would go on to release of almost 7 Albums.

In 2012, he won best male vocalist. He has recorded a song with Don Meon. Frank Edwards’s revenue is $2.4K in 2020. It is an approximate forecast and could vary in the range between $2.2K – $4K.

2. Testimony Jaga

After God miraculously freed Saliu Aliyu Olaiwola, popularly known as Testimony Jaga from the prison over an offense he knew nothing about. He promised to serve God with his music. He found himself at Christ Embassy after he left the prison. Pastor Chris welcomed him, noticed his talent and refered him to the person who could nurture him to become what he ought to become. He gave him a platform where millions of Christians could be reached.

Testimony is without a doubt one of these major talents. His song ‘Jehovah’ won him the LIMA song of the year in the Proto-stars category, yet the ‘boy from the streets’ insists that all of his success is because of one man, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

3. Sinach

Sinach is an international gospel artiste and senior worship leader at Loveworld. She is one of the singers raised by Chris Oyakhilome. In May 2020, she became the first African artiste to top the Billboard Christian Songwriter chart. Sinach received a Bethlehem Hall of Faith certificate of commemoration during her visit to Israel in December 2017.

She has ministered alongside Pastor Chris in major local and international programme organized by the church. ”I Know Who I AM” is the song that brought her into limelight in 2013. She has ministered in almost half of the African countries. She is married to Mr. Joseph Egbu and they had to wait for five years after marriage before they could have their own child.

She is the singer of ”I Know Who I Am,” ”Precious Lord,” ”Way Maker,” Rejoice, and so on. As a songwriter, Sinach has written over 200 songs and won several awards. Her song ‘This Is Your Season’ won the Song of the Year award in 2008. One of her most popular songs is ‘I Know Who I Am’.

4. Joe Praize

Joe praize is a worship leader at Believers Loveworld popularly known as Christ Embassy. He released his first album “My Praise” in 2009, and his mission focus on leading the world in worship to His great and mighty God.

He has ministered in several countries such as the United States, Australia, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Kenya, South Africa etc. One of the awards he has won is Song of the Year Award, 2010, organized by Loveworld.