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Reverend Lucy Natasha Hits the Gym, Shows Off Impressive Boxing Skills: “My Favourite Sport”

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Reverend Lucy Natasha thrilled fans with videos depicting her throwing blows during a hardcore workout session. The gorgeous preacher who was with her fitness coach mentioned that boxing is her favourite sport Natasha also did some leg presses to keep her thighs in shape; she urged fans to take care of their bodies by working out.

Flamboyant city preacher Lucy Natasha is keen on keeping fit and burning excess calories in her body.

Natasha introduced her fans to her favourite sport, boxing, on Tuesday, November 1. Natasha the boxing queen Going on Instagram, the preacher shared a video of herself donning workout attire and training at a futuristic gym.

As seen in the clip, Natasha was with a male fitness trainer who engaged her in throwing blows and retreating back to evade the blows.

Natasha was punching perfectly like legendary boxer Conjestina Achieng in her prime days when she was unrivaled in the boxing ring. While captioning the clip, the preacher said boxing is her favourite sport and urged followers to always take care of their bodies. “Starting the month strong. Boxing is my favorite sport. Take care of your body. It’s where you live,” she wrote.

Natasha does leg press The revered pastor shared another clip depicting her doing some leg presses. She was raising her legs at an angle with her back resting on the leg press machine as she stretched and relaxed her legs repeatedly. She must have been aiming to keep her thighs in shape. In her second caption, Natasha quoted a bible verse that supports exercise and maintaining a healthy body. “Happy New Month. ‘For bodily exercise profits little’ A healthy body is vital as one fulfills their mandate’- 1 Timothy 4:8,” she wrote.


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