Pastor Agyemang Elvis

Some Bridesmaids Dress To Tell The Groom He Made Wrong Choice – Pastor Agyemang Elvis

Pastor Agyemang Elvis, the popular Alpha Hour pastor and founder of Grace Mountain Ministry, has cautioned potential brides to be careful about who they choose as bridesmaids on their wedding day because not everybody means well.

According to him, some of the bridesmaids deliberately dress up provocatively to tempt the groom into thinking that he had made a mistake by passing them by to choose the bride.

“On your wedding and engagement day, be circumspect with those you choose as brides maid to dance before and behind you,” the post reads.

As to how women can figure out which of their bridesmaids has their interests at heart, Pastor Agyemang says it takes discernment.

“Anyone who dresses on that day to abnormally expose her sensitive parts has an agenda beyond just coming to support you to be engaged to a man of your own. Some come to prove that they are finer and more sexier than you. And in a nice way send an information to your husband that he didn’t choose well. And most unguarded men end up dating bride’s maids because they get seduced on the wedding and engagement day.”

He advised that women should pay much more attention to the kind of people they allow to get close to their wedding than the luxury of the event.

“BE SHARP! Be detailed about your wedding and engagement day. Don’t just think about how flushy it should be, plan towards how descent it must be,” he said, warning: “Always remember that wedding is a day and marriage is a lifetime. But one mistake on the wedding day can affect the marriage for a lifetime.”