Empress Gifty, has dropped another viral bombshell aimed at side chicks on The Empress Show following rumors of her own husband having extra marital affairs.

Women who go in to have children with married men have been advised to wise up as these men will not, under any circumstance, leave their wives for their mistresses. According to her, it is unwise to have a child with a married man all in the name of “securing the bag”.

“Don’t be led on in having a child with a married man just because you have seen a friend do so. For all the side chicks who are after other women’s husbands, don’t go in to have a kid for that man. He will eventually leave you for his wife, the pregnancy can’t hold him down”, she cautioned.

Empress Gifty who is the wife of Hopeson Adorye, the 2020 NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Kpone Katamanso again shared a story of how a married man jilted his side chick after she delivered a child for him.

“I know of a woman who had four daughters with her husband, the man claimed he wanted a son so he went in to have a male child with his side chick but at the end of the day, he didn’t even want to see the face of the new woman. Hear me ladies of today, career women, and entrepreneurs, wise up because the foolishness is getting out of hand.

“Be a wise woman, work hard. Be a woman of yourself, be the boss of yourself, my dear, enjoy yourself. Don’t sit idle and think that you can acquire properties when you have a kid with a man (married man). It is an error, he will not marry you if you’re thinking of holding him down with a child,” said the gospel musician on ‘The Empress Show’.

Reacting to the post, some Ghanaian women on social media confirmed the words of Empress Gifty and warned side chicks not to be carried away into bearing a child for a married man as he is likely not to take them in as a second wife.

Akua Rossy on Instagram wrote: “They will be depending on someone’s husband’s money and be claiming hard work on Instagram…putting pressure on young ladies.”

Another, Joi Bliss wrote: “I love this message…women must put value on themselves…and work to attend higher heights, noko educative.”

A third, Adjoa also commented “His only side chick” fuo nu. And they r not even ashamed of it too.”

Source: ghanamusic.com

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