Evelyn Branford

Evelyn Branford Has This To Say About The Business Of Gospel Music

With her powerful voice and encouraging melodies, Ghanaian gospel singer Evelyn Branford, who resides in the US, has been making waves in the gospel music sector.

She recently appeared with Sammy B on his Drive Time Show on Original 91.9FM to discuss gospel music as a business and how she manages her ministry and profession.

Evelyn stated that while she views gospel music as a calling and a passion, it is also a business that demands competence and professionalism.

She claimed to put a lot of time, money, and effort into creating high-quality music that has a global audience and an impact on many people.

She added that she works with a group of experts that assist her with the management, marketing, distribution, and promotion of her music.

As a gospel singer from Ghana living in the US, Evelyn also acknowledged that she encounters several challenges. According to her, she works to overcome these obstacles by staying close to her roots, gaining knowledge from other gospel performers, and collaborating with them. She added that she connects with her fans and followers in Ghana and elsewhere using social media and online platforms.

Evelyn gave God thanks for providing her the talent of music and the chance to share it with others. She also expressed her gratitude to Sammy B for giving her a platform to express herself by inviting her to his show. She inspired other gospel singers to follow their passions and use their gifts to honour God.

Source: GospelEmpireGh.Com


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