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Gospel Newbies Should Practice Humility Before Their Prime –  Shika Drommo

US-based Gospel act, Shika Drommo has advised budding artistes against pride. She urged new artistes to reassess their attitudes and behaviour patterns and emphasized that if they continue to inculcate pride in the gospel industry, there would be impossibility to maintain their glory at its height.

Speaking to Sampson Annan of GospelEmpireGh, Shika said: “The manner in which you conduct yourself has a significant impact on the longevity of your music ministry. Without self-humbling, life has a way of forcing arrogant people to become humble without their desire. No matter how successful one becomes in life, it’s crucial to maintain humility. These days, gospel singers are criticized for focusing more on making money than using their music to convert people to Christ, both are equally important but we all have different missions and visions of ministry as we press towards the mark of our high calling.”

Shika pointed out that God says He “hates the proud, but gives grace to the humble: “I started to realize, ‘Lord, in order for Him to use me, I have to be willing to be broken and humble,” she stated.”I don’t want God to be against me. I need His favour to rest upon me if I am ministering in the gospel industry.

But, she asserted that the only way to win the Lord’s favour is through humility. 

“A wise man ought to demonstrate humility to admit his mistakes and revise his or her opinions in the ministry. Sometimes we get big platforms where we proudly display our gifts. We must always remember that these platforms are not our own. Let’s learn to be humble and appreciative. These are gifts from God meant to exalt Him,” she concluded.

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