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Obaapa Christy has disclosed that she has been faced with several life challenging battles, but through it all, she has learnt never to confront people but instead surrender all her battles to God.

The award-winning gospel singer has admonished individuals not to be quick to respond to allegations levelled against them, but instead have faith that God, who is the righteous judge, will vindicate them.

Her principle in life, according to her, has witnessed God crown her with victory in all her challenges, adding that He never fails.

“Growing up, my mothers always called on God in times of trouble. There was no other name but God. I have also entirely relied on that name.

“One thing about me, I don’t like ‘plenty talks’. When you always
react to issues, you will be at fault. If care is not taken, you will make a mistake, so don’t talk. Keep quiet, just keep quiet,” she

advised on Emelia Brobbey’s Okukuseku The Talk Show.

“Allow God to fight your battle. When you let go, He will give you victory…I don’t focus on the past. I know greater things lie ahead,” she added.

The gospel hitmaker with over two decades in the music industry has several albums and songs to her credit.

They include her latest single ‘Glory’ as well as some of her timeless tunes, ‘Ma Enye Yie’, ‘Kramanfunu Ba’, and ‘Yesu Adom’.

Watch the video below:

Source: ghanaweb.com


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