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Pay Heed To Your Gift And Character: Gospel Minister, Shika Drommo Shares

Shika Drommo, a well-known gospel minister, shared the following message on her social media pages.

Your GIFT can make room for you but your CHARACTER is what guarantees you staying in that room. Pay attention
to both.

Since then, the post has received some of likes and comments from her followers and supporters. While others offered their own comments, many individuals voiced their agreement and appreciation for her words of wisdom.

Shika is a mentor to many young budding vocalists as well as a humanitarian. Because of her brilliance and her moral character, she is highly regarded and admired.

But what does she mean when she says that while your gift may open up a space for you, your character ensures that you remain there? How can we use this idea in our individual and professional lives?

Shika Drommo claims that your gift is an inherent talent or ability that you were endowed with by God. It could be something you are good at and enjoy doing, such as singing, writing, teaching, cooking, or designing. What makes you special and precious is your gift. It is what makes you unique and draws opportunity and recognition your way.

Your gift, however, cannot ensure your fulfilment and happiness on its own. You should also be a person of good character. The combination of your beliefs, attitudes, routines, and actions makes up your character. It establishes your identity as a person and your interpersonal relationships. How dependable, courteous, modest, honest, and loyal you are depends on your character.

Your moral integrity is what qualifies you for the space your gift has created for you. It’s what makes it possible for you to keep and develop your relationships with God, yourself, and other people. It serves as your shield against negative emotions like pride, greed, jealousy, bitterness, and other ones that might wreck your life and your work.

Therefore, Shika Drommo advises us to pay attention to both our gift and our character. We should not neglect or abuse either one of them. We should use our gift

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