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Team Eternity Ghana – Defe Defe (Official Music Video)

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Sensational Ghanaian gospel music group, Team Eternity Ghana which is led by Naana Asiedu, has released its latest track titled, “Defe Defe”.

The “Defe Defe” track, which comes off the group’s recently released album titled “Testimony”, upon its release on May 1st, 2024, attained a remarkable success by reaching the top spot of the Apple Music Top Hundred music chart.

Directed by Nana Yaw Apare, the “Defe Defe” music video expresses deep appreciation to Almighty God for HIS consistent protection of HIS sons and daughters who would have been devoured by the Devil.

“Father, the universe You made. Everything displays the wonders of your grace. You took my sin, my guilt and shame. And You gave me Your name. We go sing halle! 2x

“Bɔhyɛ na Wohyɛɛ no aba mu o. (The promise You made has come to pass). I’ve got my victory in You. Woka me ho nti mensuro. (You are with me so I will not fear),” The group led by Naana Asiedu begins the first verse.

A member of the group and soprano singer, Dr. Emmanuela Abasa Konadu, shared the inspiration behind the song in an interview with Joy News.

“The writer of the song is called Patrick. Most people know him as Vessel Kordrick. He wrote the first half of the song and Naana Asiedu wrote the rap.

“He mentioned that he wrote that song from a place of chaos. I don’t know what that chaos was, but I want to believe that he was going through a really hard time and God gave him that song.

“When you listen to the lyrics, it’s about feeling limited in your expression of praise and worship because sometimes you want to give your all, but you can’t,” she said in an interview with Joy News.

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Team Eternity Ghana

Another member of Team Eternity Ghana and tenor singer, Joseph Gordon attributed the song’s success to its resonant melody and the Ghanaian love for dance.

“I think it’s a known fact that Ghanaians love to dance, love to move their body, and we are constantly suckers for melody, and that is what ‘Defe Defe’ encompasses. The fact is that it’s even appealing to the ear. I mean, as believers, we are even blown away that the shout-out is even coming from the non-believing side of people, and it’s only a testament.

“Like we said earlier, our message is Jesus, and the vision actually for Team Eternity is that we reach out to young people,” he said.

Released under Ultimate Music Group, “Defe Defe” is currently the hottest gospel song not only in Ghana, but the entire African continent and the world at large.

The “Defe Defe” song was written and composed by Patrick Adu Gyamfi (known privately as Vessel Chordrick) and Naana Asiedu.

“Defe Defe”, which is Track 12 on Team Eternity Ghana’s album Testimony,

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