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Stella Aba Seal Details Secret Behind Her Ever-green Look

Gospel musician Stella Aba Seal has announced that she pays critical attention to her diet by avoiding foods and drinks that can have a long-term effect on her health.

Stella, in an interview with blogger Zionfelix, attributed her glow to years of self-discipline and God’s grace over her life.

“I don’t even know what to say but it is all by the grace of God. Discipline has also contributed to it. Whatever you take into the body reflects on the outside. I try my best to be in good shape, sometimes I sleep without food,” she disclosed.

She added that young people who do not treat their bodies right end up sick in their old age.

She admonished the public to invest in their diet and take good care of their bodies. This she believes will give them a radiant look at all times. “I hardly eat meat…I chew a lot of nuts…I also don’t drink ice water, this helps with my voice.”

“What we eat and drink is very important. You can get a bloated stomach, and diabetes from all you eat. In the same way, when you eat right, it can reduce fat in the body…the food we eat plays a major role. Sometimes when you’re young, you’ll not see the effect but when you’re 40 years, you’ll start paying for the ‘damages’ you did to the body,” the gospel singer added.



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