Helena Rhabbles

You Cannot Call Yourself A Gospel Musician & Still Be Wandering In The Secular World – Helena Rhabbles

Helena Rhabbles (born Helena Esi Mends), a gospel musician, has advised the current generation of gospel musicians not to lose sight of the core need to use their songs to win souls for the kingdom.

According to the renowned musician, technology has changed the music scene dramatically and continues to transform how musicians work.

According to her, the current generation of musicians has become smarter as a result of today’s new technologies, but this should not dilute the core message and purpose of gospel music, she added.

The musician stated on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm’s mid-morning show that gospel music is sacred and that musicians in that genre must be men and women of integrity, discipline, and decency.

You can’t be a gospel musician and do things that are against God’s word, according to her.

Meanwhile, she has stated that in the past, gospel musicians, including herself, did not include the business aspect of their work, but this has changed.

“Today, everything has changed. The current generation of people is technologically savvy. I don’t blame them because they live in a technological age. Everything they do nowadays is quick because of technology.”

When compared to the new generation of musicians, you can say they are smarter. However, as a gospel musician, you must be exceptional. You must be a person of unquestionable character. You should seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Stand out from the crowd. You should not be like those who listen to secular music. If you cannot hold these principles and put them into practice, you have no place in the gospel scene.”

She told host Sokoohemaa Kukua that gospel music is a calling and musicians who find themselves in that field must see that as an opportunity to serve God and win souls for him.

She added that “gospel music is calling. Before the pastor delivers the message, musicians sing and pave the way for them. Don’t see yourselves as above any other person. It was a joy to sing and be the main reason behind what we do”.

Source: Rainbowradioonline.com/Ghana