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Ghanaian gospel musician of international repute, Celestine Donkor, has indicated that she is closely watching how the gospel fraternity would handle her new project.

Table of Men is a Christian organization that seeks the interest of the Ghana gospel industry. According to Celestine Donkor, this couscous is a big deal for the Ghana gospel industry and what they claim to represent. Hence, her stance on watching their every move.

“When it comes to the Table of Men, I don’t mind. I say it as it is. I call a spade a spade. I’m watching them with my four eyes towards my project because if it were to be a different artiste, I know how they will project it.”

“If this was another artist with this project, I know how they will project it, especially if the artist has a huge success like my project. Everyone would have heard about it. So this time, I’m watching the Table of Men to see the kind of table they are.”

She also mentioned that they have started on a good note. She recalled their presence at her musical launch, including cash donations. Celestine Donkor also revealed that others pledged. And so, she is waiting for them to redeem their promises.

“Let me say it has started on a good note, but I’m looking at the push, especially for Boomplay. So I’m looking at them. Table of Men, I’m watching you with my four eyes, and I know you have plans for me.”

Source: 3news.com

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