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Popular Ghanaian singer, Joyce Blessing, has been spotted on social media teasing Evangelist Mama Pat, (Nana Agradaa) following news that her husband has absconded from their matrimonial home.

Perhaps, it is pay-back time as the ‘repent’ hitmaker has decided to serve Nana Agradaa a taste of her own medicine.

One can recall that Agradaa joined the many Ghanaians that condemned Joyce Blessing following rumours that one of her children did not belong to her husband.

Earlier, Agradaa, on her TV channel, insisted that the gospel singer cheated on her husband by sleeping with several men including pastors.

“You call yourself a woman of God yet you have the nerve to be sleeping around with other men and even pastors. Bow your head in shame and run to God for forgiveness. Don’t hide under the cloak of prostitution and claim you’re doing God’s work. It’s time for you to repent, come back to Jesus. You can use your strength, hide in darkness to do your evil stuff but God will eventually expose you.

“He will embarrass you. God cannot be mocked. Look at some of these pastors and how they ended up. If you claim you’re doing the work of God, do it to its fullest. God will not wait for us to die before dealing with our enemies. He will set a table before us in the presence of our enemies. Our cup will run over in the presence of our enemies. God has embarrassed you. God has finally exposed you,” Agradaa earlier said about Joyce Blessing.

But in a new twist to events, Agradaa’s marriage has allegedly hit the rocks and Joyce Blessing has stormed social media to jubilate.

The ‘repent’ hitmaker who believes that God has begun fighting her battles by punishing one of her enemies, was captured in a viral video saying;

“This is just the beginning. There are some traps that when you set for someone, you end up falling in it. A marriage has finally collapsed. I need a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Ghanaians pls help me with that.”

Recently in an interview with Abeiku Santana, Joyce Blessing spoke on her sour relationship with Agradaa, where it seemed that she hadn’t gotten over what ensued between them.

“Agradaa uses me in promoting her platform and I respected her on that. But when issues about my family popped up, I realized that everybody was speaking ill about me. Because I was already down, people tried to step on me. They said things they don’t know anything about and she was one of them. People who don’t even deserve to talk about me did. Nana Agradaa said so much about me and when you have time go and look it up,” she said.

Watch the Video Below:

Source: Ghanaweb.com



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