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Gospel musician, Mary Agyemang, has asserted that ‘kaba and slit’ doesn’t make one a Christian.

In an interview on XZONE hosted by JKD, Mary revealed that she gets angry when she sees believers not properly dressed.

“I get angry when I see believers dress anyhow because you make it look like God doesn’t like good things. So at first if you were dressing well and now because you’ve given your life to Christ so you decide to put all the good things aside and dress anyhow for God. Who told you God doesn’t like good things?” she asked.

According to the gospel artiste, one shouldn’t start wearing tattered clothes when they give their lives to Christ because God loves good things. “All good things come from him (God).”

“His word says that all good things are from God; so all the good and perfect gifts are from God. The money that comes your way from a good source… it’s a good gift and a perfect gift .. all the properties you have in Gods name is a good and perfect gift.

“At the end of the day if you dress decently and it pleases God why not? Do you always have to put on tattered clothes? Does it necessarily mean that, if you wear kaba and slit it makes you a Christian as some people see it?

“If you get to know that someone has given their lives to Christ you realize that at first, they used to dress nicely but now they wear tattered clothes,” she added.

Mary Agyemang is a sensational gospel musician who has touched many lives with her inspirational and ‘healing’ songs.

The songstress, who has performed on a number of gospel music platforms, is gradually becoming a force to reckon with when it comes to delivering Holy Spirit-filled gospel songs.

Source: myxyzonline.com

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