The trio Preachers started the Urban Gospel style some years ago, it was fiercely opposed. The youth have now embraced their style.

However, the likes of trio, Preachers, who had been proponents of the style pressed on and today, Urban Gospel, which is a fusion of Hip Hop elements and traditional Highlife or Reggae has become accepted.

In a chat with Showbiz about the music industry, leader of Preachers, Obed Psych said, “I remember all the criticism that greeted the new style; some said it was ungodly and an invasion of the church with impure doctrines but the story has changed.

“Today, many up and coming gospel artistes are doing urban gospel and its patronage has been overwhelming,” he said.

Preachers may not be enjoying much attention on the gospel music scene in recent times but the group made up of Obed Psych, Emani Beats and Edmund Baidoo had the best time at the start of their career in 2009.

The release of their maiden album, Mark 16:15, in 2012 with some popular songs such as Why Dem Shaa Like That and Level Up gave them some prominence and they were nominated for various award schemes.

In 2016, the trio won the Best Gospel Music Video at 4syte Music Video Awards and Obed tells Showbiz of the Preachers’ commitment to get the youth for Christ through their new On Point dance challenge.

“On Point is our latest song and interestingly, it has sparked a dance challenge on social media so as a group, we have taken advantage of it and will use it to get the youth interested in the things of God.

“So far, the dance challenge has been inspiring with the likes of Jims N Dims from Kenya, Levite Generation of Central University College taking part,” he said.

He noted that the song is presently on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and many digital stores worldwide and there are plans to release the video soon.



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