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We Pray Not To Breakup – Ghanaian Gospel Trio, Preachers

After eleven years of existence in the Ghanaian music scene, one thing that Ghanaian gospel trio, Preachers wish it never cross their paths is a breakup.

Preachers ft Ma Name Is Aaron – Control (Music Download)

Urban Gospel trio Preachers debuts a brand new banging gospel HipHop single ‘Control’. The new song is their first single for the new year and it comes hard preaching on ‘Control’ of a believer.

Top 10 Best Urban Gospel Rappers in Ghana Right Now

Since the birth of Urban Gospel Music genre in Ghana, Ghanaian Urban Gospel Rappers have been bringing their unique perspective of Rhythm and Poetry (RAP) to an entirety new level.

Preachers to Commemorate 10 Years with New Album Dubbed “X”

Preachers to Commemorate 10 Years with New Album dubbed “X”: Regarded as one of the early pace setters of Urban Gospel Music in Ghana, Preachers have definitely left a mark on the hearts and minds of the Ghanaian populace.

Preachers – Grace Sor (@preachersgh) (Music Download)

Bibles Up The Movement music trio – Preachers release a new song titled “Grace Sor” , produced by Replay Planet.

Preachers Woo Youth for Christ with On Point Song

The trio Preachers started the Urban Gospel style some years ago, it was fiercely opposed. The youth have now embraced their style.

Preachers – On Point (@preachersgh) (Official Music Download)

‘PREACHERS’ is a gospel rap group made up of three dynamic young men (Psych, Emani and Eddy), with unique gifts in rap and singing and have released a new single titled on Point.

Preachers – Edey Love Me (Music Download)

PREACHERS is a group of talented young men who have a real zest for spreading the word of God through music. They released a single titled Edey Love Me.

Preachers ft Veyeera – Glory (Music Download)

Following the release of no-juju, meyi woaye, crazy etc., The trio incredible Urban Gospel Music Group proved their versatility in preaching the gospel through music indeed by adding the dancehall feel to this new tune which featured a sensational Veyeera. This masterpiece is titled

Preachers ft Noble Nketsiah – Meyi Waye (Music Download)

The Urban Gospel music trio , Preachers ft Noble Nketsiah and they call this Meyi Waye and it features Noble Nketsiah.
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