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Psalmist Nana Hagan Celebrates Its 2nd Year Of “The Inside View”

Psalmist Nana Hagan, a Ghanaian gospel vocalist and media personality based in the UK, celebrates the second anniversary of her popular TV show called “The Inside View.”

The Inside View is committed to amplifying, motivating, educating, empowering, and finding answers to the problems that ordinary people have that have not yet been addressed.

The program offers fresh viewpoints on everyday problems and provides a forum for exchanging stories to inspire regular people, particularly minorities.

Hagan celebrated the occasion on social media by explaining why “The Inside View” was so significant back then and why it is still relevant now.

The host of the personality program “The Inside View” is Ghanaian gospel musician and media personality Nana Hagan, who is based in the UK.

“I was moved to share people’s experiences, hardships, and triumphs since I knew there were many taboos in the African communities, both at home and in the diaspora. I wanted to provide a forum where people could discuss these topics openly while enlightening others who might hold prejudices about the subject. Since I stammer, it was difficult to hold a camera to my face while having people observe me, but the conviction that God had placed in my heart was too overwhelming, she told GospelEmpireGh.

“I made it about Thanksgiving for my second anniversary of the show, thanking God for bringing me this far, for the transformation and possibilities I have experienced, and for the new people I have met,” she continued. God alone could have given me the courage to speak in front of a large audience. God alone can give me the motivation to carry on in spite of what other people say. Only God could use a stammerer to illuminate other people’s stories and enable other lives to be transformed. It can only be God, she concluded.

Source: GospelEmpireGh.Com