TAYA – Getaway (Official Music Video)

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Globally renowned vocalist TAYA drops her third single, “Getaway” from her forthcoming debut full-length album (out May 27, check out the album trailer here).

Available today along with an accompanying music video, “Getaway” further establishes an exciting new chapter for TAYA as she continues to break ground as a solo artist. Listen to the new song here and watch the video here.

“Getaway” is an emotionally charged, intimate ballad – God’s love song beckoning the listener to lay their burdens down, bringing all their cares and concerns to Him. Beautifully stripped down with only piano accompaniment and Taya’s raw vocals, the new track is a beautiful offering of solace and respite, reminding the listener that God’s grace is always sufficient.

“Are you worn down/Lacking inner peace/Take a real rest/Walk along with Me/In the pastures of my presence/You can be yourself,” the lyrics assure as they soar into the hopeful bridge, “Grace upon grace, upon grace, let Me lead/Getaway with Me.”

“‘Getaway’ was and is a complete gift, says TAYA, “It’s about keeping company with Jesus and being honest with Him in the process. He is the safest place in the world, where else would I go? The song we didn’t know we needed and yet in Gods perfect timing, perhaps the one we needed most. May this song be just that for you too.”

“TAYA reveals another layer of her artistry with ‘Getaway,’ expressing one of the Gospel’s simple invitations in a personal way with the flawless vocal listeners have come to expect,” says Johnny Rays, TAYA’s manager.

“TAYA once again finds a simplicity, yet deep beauty in lyric and melody that is authentic and unique to her, a characteristic of her entire debut record.”