Tasha Cobbs and Nicki Minaj

Tasha Cobbs-Leonard Thanks Nicki Minaj For Attending The It’s Time Tour

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One of the most well-known gospel singers in the world, Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, has finished her well-received It’s Time Tour. Nicki Minaj, a well-known rapper, was among the tour’s special guests. It also featured stirring performances, inspirational messages, and compelling guests.

Tasha Cobbs-Leonard is a fan of Nicki Minaj, and Nicki has frequently mentioned how much she appreciates both Tasha’s music and her work in ministry. Even on the song “I’m Getting Ready” off Tasha’s 2017 album Heart. Passion. Pursuit, she worked with her.

Nicki Minaj stunned Tasha Cobbs-Leonard by appearing at the venue in Los Angeles on the final night of the It’s Time Tour.

She also praised Tasha for her talent, grace, and influence.

Nicki Minaj’s presence and encouragement made Tasha Cobbs-Leonard elated. For coming to the performance and for being a blessing to her and many others, she thanked her. She praised God for uniting them and for using them to share His love and glory.

On her Instagram page, Tasha Cobbs-Leonard shared a video of the event along with a touching remark. She stated:

“My sister!!!! I LOVE YOU! @nickiminaj … thank you for coming tonight!”

On her post, Tasha Cobbs’ husband left a comment. He stated: This is amazing!! While the BET awards was happening down the street she close to come worship ????????! You walk this assignment out with so much grace babe! I’m so proud of you!!

Fans who were moved by the gesture and the message left hundreds of likes and comments on the video. Numerous people expressed their respect for the musicians’ commitment to work across boundaries and genres for the sake of the gospel.

Nicki Minaj and Tasha Cobbs-Leonard are two examples of women who are utilising their platforms and gifts to uplift, empower, and inspire others. They are demonstrating that no matter their backgrounds, preferences, or labels, God can do anything through His people. They are demonstrating the sufficiency of His grace, the unconditionality of His love, and the immovability of His purpose.

During Tasha’s performance, Nicki Minaj posted a video of herself with the caption: Dopest show EVERRRR Tasha Cobbs Leonard and all the epic GREATS there tonight. Thank you  and the BAND 

The images elicited a flood of responses from Nicki and Tasha fans, who expressed their happiness with them:

  • omgitswande: We love to see it
  • Thao Nikaminaj: Nicki this is literally so refreshing to me cuz I’m a church church church freak. Thank you so much for this mom. I do hear chain falling we need Jesus now more than ever. Rare seeing artists of now days praising God like this with fans. Nicki I’m emotional I love you for life and I love you more and more every second!
  • Tiaravibez: This song cam never sound old. So inspiring everytime hard especially when she’s singing it on live performance. This is so beautiful to watch. Love you Nikcki, love you Tasha. You both are good inspiration
  • Onika Sleezy: You and Tasha are so cuuuute. She deserves all the support and love she received tonight! And I know you are so proud of her and had so much fun. Amen
  • Lexamill Dot Com: The fact that you choose the Lord and a gospel concert over the BET Awards speaks volumes Queen! Your definitely in a great healthy place in your life. We adore your leadership.
  • Concinni Tea: Now Nicki you couldn’t keep the phone still. Nicki Minaj replied her and said: No because I loved this song for so many years. To see it live I had a very magical experience. And when a singer sings the song the way you know it’s supposed to sound! It’s another level of the experience that you can’t put into words really.
  • The Nickiminaj Legacy: The fact that you kept your word and went to the show says everything ???? this is so beautiful, OMGGG!!!! may god bless you forever and always muvaaa!!!
  • Heaven Star Exclusive: She should stop making secular music and make gospel music so we can switch up the industry and make it about God already. She have to lead by example through your music too
  • Jhanee Michelle: Let’s not forget Nicki Minaj gave us gospel song also. It’s the Godfidence & humility she exudes why she will remain forever blessed. Truly, Queen Tings
  • Princess Liyah: Yesssssss! The reason y’all will never be able to destroy Queen, she has God why y’all out here praising the devil! God is SOOOOOO AMAZING QUEEN
  • Tyrese Gibson, an American musician and actor, added a remark on Nicki’s video. He declared: The most powerful and life changing post you’ve ever put up……. Thank you Jesus queen more of us need to become more BOLD and OUTspoken about the kingdom of Jesus!!! This is soooooooooooo powerful and great thank you so much for posting this…….

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