Ghanaian gospel singer, Diana Asamoah’s beauty transformation has been a piece of seemingly never-ending news for many since the last quarter of last year, 2021.

She re-invented her image from an ‘indigenous’ gospel artiste to a regal contemporary star which has got many people wondering how the transformation came about.

From Diana’s sudden choice for voluminous curly wigs with its edges laid perfectly well to sleep to the mesmerizing makeup that leaves her looking 20 years younger than her age, the gospel artist is now a force to reckon with in the world of style and beauty.

Let’s take a pause, do you all recall her past stance on makeup and hair for women? Yes, your memory is as good as ours. The Pentecost Gya singer rebuked such beauty trends in the past.

Back then, she made appearances with very less and a not-to-obvious kind of makeup and had her hair wrapped up in a vertical way like ‘Mount Sinai’ in the bible.

However, the influence of her longtime makeup artist, Barimah, known popularly in the beauty space as ‘Barimah Makeup’ managed to induct her into beauty trends where she now dominates.

Barimah has had 3 years of working experience with multiple award-winning singer as her make-up artist and stylist. According to Barimah, this transfiguration was his initial intention when they started working but Diana’s former ideas and perceptions around beauty trends could not make him birth the cosmetic and trendy phase of the singer.

Diana Asamoah in her recent appearance over the weekend on UTV, United Showbiz disclosed why she formerly rebuked makeup and other beauty trends saying she thought it was ungodly in the sight of God.

Her former belief made it difficult for Barimah to transform her into this contemporary female star with the pop diva vibes she exudes today.

“Working with her was quite difficult. Where she is coming from is different from the image, we wanted to create but she understands now and allows us to explore just the right way in a trendy but modest way”, he told Daniel Nti of Pulse Ghana.”

Barimah: Meet The Man Behind Diana Asamoah’s Beauty Transformation

Barimah also revealed that Diana invests well in her beauty and looks. He revealed she puts a thousand cedis and more into every makeup she does to get the best. He also assists in picking up outfits and putting them together for the music gem.

Barimah has worked with so many notable people and is also behind the many beautiful bridal makeups of some of the wedding that makes the news like that of Anita and the CEO of Adinkra pie , Rachael and Kojo Jones, etc.



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