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Gospel Musicians Must Understand Their Game, Invest Properly And Value Media – Blogger, Sir Isaac

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Sir Isaac, a well-known Ghanaian blogger, believes that gospel artistes have a lot to learn about their profession, knowing how and where to invest effectively, and maintain a positive connection with the media.

The celebrated blogger thinks the discussion that the media does not promote artistes in Ghana should be avoided at all levels. How many artists appreciate the media’s efforts when work is done for them? Even when works are undertaken freely for artiste, most artists and their managers turn a blind eye to the media.

What I’ve discovered is that artistes value international media backing more than our own media establishments in Ghana, he said. However, if a media outlet/blogger undertakes sponsored marketing for international performers, our local artists will complain. What type of attitude is that?, he asked.

We always act like the media is super-powerful and so they must make our projects feasible at all cross of the world and things do not happen that way. It’s an all inclusive game. The artistes, managements, distribution firms, the media all play a role in making sure a project becomes successful.

According to Sir Isaac, we are always comparing the Ghanaian market to our neighbours – Nigeria music markets but if you know the structures they put in place for their songs to reach the limit it gets to, you will be surprised. The artistes do not just release songs and go to sleep. They make conscious effort together with their management and the media to get it across the globe’s reach.

The assertion that the media alone has an advantage in making music popular is no longer valid. There are several aspects that contribute to the success of a project.

Camidoh’s manager, George Britton, recently claimed that they had to invest at least Ghs975,000 on the artiste’s “Sugarcane” project. This is a huge investment project, and I think they would have recouped the money and even earned more returns by now.

I understand that not everyone can afford this money for a project, but this is the approach we should have and the way things should be handled in Ghana. The music is now everywhere because they purposefully planned and began on adventures that would result in those outcomes, he added.

We must all understand that we are all in this together. It’s an all inclusive move. Just as the head cannot exist without the body, artistes cannot exist without the media and vice versa. The gospel industry, like the secular sector, is vast. The sole distinction is that the secular arena values ‘planned’ promotion more than the gospel arena, Sir Isaac further said..

Moses Bliss of Nigeria made a concerted effort to promote his song “Too Faithful,” and now he is everywhere. This is not a coincidence. This is more than just “Grace.” Let’s use all of the essential plugs to ensure that we get to where we want to go.

Good luck to every musician doing his or her best to get to the top!

Source: | Sir Isaac


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