Pastor Eastwood Anaba Reveals

“Many Churches Are Putting Their Members’ Marriages At Risk Because of This” – Pastor Eastwood Anaba Reveals

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The chief executive officer (CEO), founder, and founder of Eastwood Anaba Ministries (EAM), Eastwood Anaba, has raised concern about how churches are making life difficult for their members.

He gave special attention to marriage counseling, which requires more time.

Whether it’s marriage counseling or Christianity, couples must pray together. Is it marriage counseling or Christianity that says, “Don’t commit fornication, don’t commit adultery.”? Communication skills, such as talking to your wife and husband, are taught in mumu (Deaf and Dumb) schools. Why should I sit across from two Christians?

You should love your wife; this isn’t therapy; it’s Christianity. Marriage counseling is not the practice of rebelling against your husband; it is the practice of Christianity. In a video that has since gone viral, he added, “I realize that two decent Christians who know what they are about and they sincerely love each other may marry without all that long arduous process.

The founder of EastWood Anaba Ministries noted that he dislikes sex education, which is the last step in the counseling process, despite the fact that most men and women who visit the church these days have already engaged in premarital sex and do not require any kind of education to understand that their wives and husbands need to be satisfied in that department.


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