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Don’t Be Suspicious For No Reason; Trust Your Partner – Celestine Donkor Advises Married Women

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Contrary to what Empress Gifty said in the last few days, gospel singer Celestine Donkor has advised young women to enter marriage with complete faith in their future spouses.

She thinks that having complete trust before getting married is important because having trust issues can cause a lot of problems. She also thinks that women should have complete trust before getting married.

On March 1, 2023, Celestine Donkor stated during a Neat FM interview that women shouldn’t go into marriage anticipating their husbands will cheat on them because there are some chaste men out there.

There are potential trustworthy individuals as well as those that tend to cheat in everything. In a marriage, trust is crucial… I’ll suggest that everyone has a sinful nature. Any human being can sin since our flesh is loaded with sins.

“Even those who are unknown to us, even Roman sisters sin…

Since there are faithful people and there are people who are like that, I will say that.

Hence, coming into the marriage with a lack of trust is a concern since it implies that you believe your husband will cheat on you.

“And it’ll make you suspicious without cause. Thus, in my opinion, you ought to into marriage with a lot of confidence,” she said.

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